Big Belt Buckles Are A Simple Way To Make A Statement

You likely haven't even batted an eye at the return of the Y2K big belt buckle trend with the revival of the aughts fashion over the past few years. It seems only natural that we revisit each and every accessory of the era, from butterfly clips to belly chains. Big belt buckles once ruled the red carpets and celebrities donning these oversized belts had our full attention. The big belt buckle is the ultimate source of power in transforming a simple outfit into a statement. And this trick is back in a big way, for better or worse, per Today.

An oversized belt and large buckle can complement the figure in a beautiful manner, even if they don't really serve much of a purpose – but that's beside the point, says Who What Wear. Function isn't really what we're after here. The big belt buckle isn't likely to hang around forever, but for this moment in time (again), we're here for it.

Cinch an open jacket

A big belt buckle is quite the statement when paired with a loose-fitting, open jacket. The two go hand-in-hand and are sure to take any outfit from plain to show-stopping in one simple move. Opt for an understated jacket and leave the details and extravagance up to the belt and its buckle.

Pair with baggy sweaters

The big belt is the ideal solution to any baggy, formless sweater. Veering into '80s territory, the big belt buckle over a wool sweater says chic comfort unlike any other. Particularly flattering with highwaisted pants, you can't go wrong with the big belt and sweater combo. Get creative with patterns and colors for a statement that can't be missed.

Short and sweet

If shorts are feeling a bit too casual for the occasion, an oversized (and by that we mean enormous) belt buckle will take the look up a notch – or ten. Opt for a metal buckle and coordinate with an assortment of rings to really let the accessories do all the talking.

The layered look

You might be thinking tank tops when you hear the words layered and Y2K in the same sentence, but we're talking belts in this case and the look couldn't make more of a statement if it tried. Stacking multiple belts (or double belting) of a similar fashion and color, then cinching the waist completely transforms the outfit.

Opt for vintage

Vintage pieces are treasured by many and finding the perfect big belt buckle at the thrift store or at a rummage sale is the ultimate heyday for any retro lover. That rush is like no other. Paired with a flowy, delicate, feminine vintage dress and you've got a timeless, ethereal look for the books.

Knot it up

Think big when it comes to belt buckles – or ties – and don't let yourself be boxed in. A knotted belt closure is a bit softer than other buckles and can make for a more delicate look, which is just the right speed for certain occasions. The knotted belt flatters the waist line and flows seamlessly with any earthy outfit.