Don't Underestimate The Power Of A Gold Medallion Necklace

Some Hollywood stylists predict the decline of necklaces as we know them, but that doesn't mean that all necklaces are out. We'll likely start to see changes in the trending styles of necklaces, though. Although some 2022 jewelry trends we couldn't avoid included colorful details, dramatic maximalist jewelry, and super shiny pieces, a more minimalistic yet chic necklace trend will be viral in 2023: the medallion necklace. Gold medallion necklaces are subtle in a stylish way and look excellent on people of all genders.

"Men have always gravitated towards medallions, and the simpler round silhouettes on a gold chain will never go out of style, senior fine-jewelry/watches buyer Maxim de Turckheim told Net-a-Porter. Expect this trend to really bloom in time for summer, when the medallion will be gleaming from a loose, open shirt." So, whether you identify as a woman, man, non-binary person, gender-fluid, or any other gender, you can't go wrong with a stylish gold medallion. Plus, there are many ways to rock these versatile necklaces.

Go for a glamorous option

While we typically think of gold medallion necklaces as more subtle, sleek alternatives for chunkier or more dramatic jewelry, the gold medallion look does not have to be boring. Sure, these pieces can be minimalistic if you want them to be, but there are some more glamorous options available, too. For instance, consider getting one with some sparkles and details in your favorite color for more pizazz, whether you prefer blue, green, red, purple, or pink.

Use it to elevate a minimalistic outfit

If you're looking for a sleek, subtle accessory to elevate a monochromatic neutral outfit, try using a gold medallion necklace to take your look to the next level. This chic, trendy necklace will add more allure and dimension to your minimalist ensemble without overpowering the outfit or appearing too bold for the look.

Wear it with other jewelry, too

Loud statement necklaces typically need to stand alone, as wearing ultra-chunky, colorful, long, or large necklaces with earrings or bracelets can appear chaotic and overpower your look. But since the gold medallion style is so simple and chic, you can pair it with many other types of jewelry, such as dramatic earrings and stacked bracelets, and you'll still typically have a balanced look.

Explore a layered look

Anyone wanting to present a bolder look should never be afraid to layer more than one gold medallion necklace. Layering these pieces will make the necklaces more noticeable, helping you make more of a statement. Consider wearing two — or more — gold medallion necklaces in different lengths for contrast, or even add a choker for more alluring, edgy details.

Try a longer necklace

Although we don't typically think of gold medallion necklaces as pieces with super long chains, there's nothing wrong with wearing a longer-than-usual gold medallion necklace. The extra length can make the accessory appear a bit more dramatic, but it still won't seem too intense. A necklace with a longer look may even add more intrigue to a basic top.

Flaunt it while you're wearing a garment with a low neckline

On the other hand, wearing a sleek necklace with a top or dress featuring a plunging or V-neckline so that the jewelry lies on your bare skin is effortlessly sexy. The gold medallion can appear seductive as it rubs against your skin while you rock an ultra-low neckline, or it can just add a trendy aspect to an elegant top or dress with a V-neckline.

Wear one that reflects your personality

Accessories are ideal for self-expression, so choose a gold medallion that reflects you. Whether you opt for one engraved with your initial on it or the initial of a loved one, a floral design to reflect your love of flowers or any other unique detail, don't be afraid to express yourself through the jewelry. Chances are, you'll enjoy wearing the necklace more if it has a special meaning to you.