Add Some Dimension To Your Brunette Tresses With Deep Burgundy Dye

A departure from some of the more traditional options when it comes to a moderate switch-up for brunette hair, burgundy is the new, bold, moody hue we're swooning over. It's a great way to make it through the last haul of winter until you're ready to don some lighter tones. Plus, burgundy hair can be a total renaissance for those who are feeling bored with their more natural shade.

"A natural brunette is a great base for a burgundy hue because its warm underlying pigment will contribute to the natural vibrancy of the desired color," Joey LaBeija, a hair colorist at Jenna Perry Hair Studio, told Byrdie. "Lighter shades can have fun with this hue as well, but it would be a lot more punchy and vivid as opposed to how it would deposit on a brunette." If you're ready to take the dive, here's some inspiration for your burgundy tresses, from mild to wild.

Soft and subdued

It can be tricky to predict how burgundy hair dye will show up on your hair, so you can always opt to have your stylist do a strip test first. If you're aiming for a subtle hue of burgundy, be sure to communicate that beforehand. And if your hair is darker, then chances are subtle is just what you'll get! We love this warm, soft shade showcased above. 

Bold and beautiful

If you're starting with a lighter base, you'll likely be rocking bright and bold burgundy once your appointment is finished. Sometimes referred to as red velvet hair, this drastic change makes for a beautiful transformation, and you're bound to have a ton of fun experimenting with your wardrobe to match this new, louder-than-life tone.

Start with the peekaboo trend

If you aren't ready to fully commit to a head of burgundy hair color, opt to start slow with the peekaboo trend instead. This method gives you a subtle transition into experimenting with the color. It's stunning in wavy or curled hair and is also super fun to incorporate into up-dos.

Opt for an ombré

Ombré is another excellent tool for incorporating burgundy color into your hair. The contrast between light or dark tones with the deep burgundy hue makes for a beautiful spectrum. Half-up hairstyles are lovely for this trend and showcase your new color in a beautiful frame. Be sure to avoid too much sunlight and follow proper upkeep for red hair if you're hoping to keep the vibrancy of the new color healthy and bold.

The barely there look

If you haven't experimented much when it comes to coloring your hair and you tend to play it safe with your natural dark tone, start slow with just a hint of burgundy color around your face. This look is gentle enough to ease you into a less traditional vibe and onlookers will probably need a second glance to even notice the color is there. Once you're more comfortable with it, you can dive in for a bolder look.