NYFW 2023: Hoodies, But Make Them Fashion

New York fashion week has commenced, and one thing that's shocked us in a good way is how a hoodie has made its way on the runway. It's safe to say that we've slowly transitioned from dressing up to wearing lounging clothes, and the elite fashion brands have come on board. High fashion brands are showcasing their love for hoodies but in a fashionable way. In full transparency, who doesn't love hoodies? They're the perfect go-to for a movie night, a quick coffee run, or errands. Hoodies keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable.

While there are ways to make an outfit look lazy with a hoodie, there are also ways to make it look fashionable. It's all about picking the right hoodie to ensure it gives you shape and balances the rest of your outfit. The fun part of styling a hoodie is there are various types to wear, such as cropped hoodies, knee-length hoodies, zipped hoodies, etc.; you just have to find the right style. Here are a few hoodies you can wear fashionably.

Staple black hoodie with detailed drawcord

Neutral-colored clothing pieces are perfect for styling with anything in your closet. From your favorite pair of trousers to a pleated tennis skirt, a cropped cinched hoodie will shape your body and elevate your outfit. Add interest to your fit with jewelry, like chunky hoops or necklaces, to turn a simple black hoodie into a fashion-forward one.

Stand out with an oversized hoodie

Oversized hoodies are ideal for wearing when you're going to the gym and need a cover-up or have a movie night at your friend's house. A great way to make it fashionable is by stepping outside your comfort zone and wearing the hoodie over a dress to let the bottom peek out. On the other hand, wear it with a denim maxi skirt to contrast the textures of both pieces. Sometimes the odd pairings can look the best; you just have to own it.

Layer a full zip hoodie

If you don't want to hide your upper half under a pullover hoodie, a full-zip hoodie works just as great as a layering piece. For example, style a gray full-zip hoodie over a fun patterned dress you've wanted to wear. For a casual look, wear a pair of parachute pants with a one-shoulder top and a gray hoodie over it. Both fits will give a chic appearance, and you can dress up or dress down the outfit with different shoes, such as sneakers, loafers, or boots.

Sherpa lined hoodie

Add a sherpa-lined hoodie to your closet for the ultimate cozy and fashionable feel. You can pair it with denim jeans, shorts, or a leather skirt for a touch of edginess. There are different types of sherpa hoodies that you can style. For example, a cropped pullover hoodie that you can wear with denim shorts. A quarter-zip hoodie can be worn with leggings for a lounging look or a bodycon dress to show off your curves and keep you warm.

Oversized puffer hoodie

Puffer hoodies can be a hit or miss; some folks like them, and others don't, but if you haven't given them a shot, here's how to style one. While they're more of a marshmallow appearance, wearing them with fitted clothing pieces won't hide your body completely. For example, you can style a longer, lengthed puffer with slim-fitting track pants and a sports bra for an athleisure look. Or, dress up a cropped puffer with vibrant-colored trousers, a bodysuit, and heels or loafers.