Proof You Can Style Your Jewelry For A First Date In A Way That's True To Yourself

Wearing jewelry is an excellent way to express yourself and add more personality to your outfits. And staying up-to-date with current jewelry trends can help your ensembles appear trendier. For instance, statement pearl jewelry is taking over for dainty designs, so you can use bold pearl pieces to add an on-trend touch to your look. White gold jewelry will be worth the investment this spring, too. But trends aside, you might be wondering what type of jewelry you should flaunt on a first date.

"Jewelry can really tell you a lot about someone, not only their aesthetic but also their life. Depending on the piece and their relation to it, you might learn about an experience they had or someone who's important to them," founder of Miansai Michael Saiger told Glamour. Thus, you should be true to yourself when choosing your jewelry for a first date so your date can get to know more about your style and personality. With that said, we have a few tips for how to use your jewelry to captivate your date.

Set the mood with heart designs

Whether you'll be grabbing coffee, eating ice cream, or taking a walk with your date, a first date should be cute and romantic. So, you should show that desire for romance by setting a sweet mood with a heart-shaped detail on your necklace, earrings, or bracelet. After all, if there's any fitting place to wear these romantic pieces, it's a date.

Don't hide your piercings

If you have a nose ring, lip piercing, or any other piercing, you should never hide it on a first date. It's crucial to be yourself when you're getting to know someone, so show them your true self by wearing your piercings with confidence. If your date has an issue with your piercings, that judgmental attitude will be all the proof you need to know that they're not the one, and it's better to recognize that sooner rather than later. You deserve better than anyone who would have a problem with you being yourself.

Wear your gold or fine jewelry for a fancy date

You don't need to buy designer clothes and expensive stilettos to impress your date, but you should pay extra attention to what you wear if you're going to a fancy restaurant or exclusive nightclub. When attending these more formal venues, it's a good idea to wear gold jewelry, genuine pearls, or your finest jewelry in case the place has a dress code. Plus, you'll appear classy when wearing elegant pieces and embracing your fancier side.

Flaunt your favorite color

Anyone owning a piece of jewelry in their favorite color should wear it on a first date. Wearing clothing, jewelry, or other accessories in your favorite color is a fun way to express yourself, and also a conversation starter. For instance, if your favorite color is pink, and you show up to the date wearing a pink bracelet, and your date compliments it, you can start a conversation by saying something like, "Thanks! Pink is my favorite color. What's your favorite color?"

You can't go wrong with a delicate necklace or bracelet

A subtle, dainty piece of jewelry will add a touch of shininess to your ensemble without overpowering it. There's something effortlessly alluring and charming about wearing slim necklaces and bracelets, as these pieces exude soft, girly energy. If you want to rock the coquette fashion trend that's all over TikTok on your first date, you can never go wrong with a delicate piece of jewelry.

Show your talent

If you enjoy beading or making jewelry, show off your skills by wearing something you made when you go on your date! Your date will likely be impressed that you made the piece of jewelry yourself, and this can lead to fun conversations about hobbies and interests. If you want to go above and beyond, consider making something for your date in addition. That sweet surprise gift might instantly lead to a second date or at least lead to your date paying for your food, movie ticket, or drinks.