Updating The Dated Knee-High Boots And Shorts Look Doesn't Have To Be A Hike

We're sorry, but it's time to ditch the outdated boots and shorts look. While the sassy combination of those tall boots and short shorts used to be a sexy and trendy look, it doesn't hold up in today's fashion world. Something about wearing shorts with boots gives off a youthful vibe, but errs on the side of high-school-mean-girl-movie energy than a stylish woman.

Plus, it's not a very practical combination. Wearing shorts with boots isn't professional enough for most workplaces but isn't casual enough for a night in with friends. Furthermore, shorts are typically reserved for spring and summer, while boots are classic fall and winter shoe staples. Wearing those warm weather-specific clothes with chilly-weather footwear is an odd combo if you really think about it.

Of course, knee-high boots and shorts can still be beautiful — just not together. Of course, you should still rock some knee-length or just-below-the-knee boots! We have some tips for flaunting various high boots (just without the shorts).

Go girly with a dress

If you want to wear a girly garment with your favorite pair of boots, you can't go wrong with a dress. Dresses are super cute — no matter the time of year — so wearing them with chic boots will make a stunning combination. Whether you showcase your knee-high boots with a minidress or go for a dressier look with a maxi dress, dresses are much more suitable for boots than shorts, as we see people wearing dresses every season. 

Flaunt a sassy skirt

Anyone who enjoyed the boots with shorts look and wants an updated spin on the style should wear their knee-high, thigh-high, or below-the-knee boots with a sexy plaid skirt instead. The skirt will still exude youthful, flirty energy but won't look too intense or oddly matched as shorts would. Thus, a playful miniskirt with tall boots is an ultra-fun combo for nights out or hot dates.

Break out your skinny jeans

Gen Z might have declared the end of those once-beloved tight-fitting jeans a while ago, but an expert stylist says skinny jeans will soon be back in style, so it's time to free your skinny jeans from the back of your closet! While they spent some time out of the spotlight, there's no denying that skinny jeans are flattering and look excellent with various boot styles.

Wear your tights or leggings

If you love to wear your knee-high or below-the-knee boots with a skirt or dress in the winter or fall, your legs will probably get chilly in the cold weather. But don't skip those stylish pieces! Instead, wear tights under your dress or skirt to prevent discomfort and feel warmer. Try nude tights for a subtle look, gray or black tights for elegance, or even colorful tights to make a trendy statement. Leggings work, too, and they'll provide even more warmth than tights.

Rock a long coat

Wearing a long coat with a pair of knee-high boots will never fail to make a stylish statement. The combination is effortlessly fashion-forward, always providing a sleek and polished look. Try going for a monochromatic ensemble by matching your boots to the jacket. Or, opt for bold contrast by letting your footwear pop in a completely different hue from the coat.

Embrace your sexy side

Not only can knee-high and thigh-high boots be great for stylish winter ensembles, but these high boots can also be super fun for the bedroom. Wearing sky-high leather boots with provocative lingerie can help you entice your partner — or partners — as you exude a commanding and seductive energy. Try also wearing a leather harness or many harnesses if you want to explore and embrace BDSM culture.

Throw on an oversized T-shirt or hoodie

Do you love wearing oversized t-shirts for casual streetwear vibes? Try making your favorite ultra-oversized tee more suitable for chilly weather by wearing it with tights and knee-high boots to exude instant cool-girl energy. If it's a colder winter day, rock your largest hoodie instead and add leggings with your highest boots for super casual photo shoot-worthy streetwear.