If Styled Correctly, Lilac Highlighter Is A Living Dream

Highlighter is a tried-and-true way to add a touch of shine to a makeup routine. While some makeup-savvy folks save the highlight strictly for bringing the glam to nights out or dates, others bring it out no matter the occasion and couldn't imagine their morning routine without it. And, of course, there are some who are just starting to explore the feature-flattering product. Wherever you are in your highlighter journey, it's always a good idea to apply it to your cheekbones, nose, upper eyelids, and inner eye sections.

It may be tempting to always stick with the more subtle highlighter shades, but it's also totally cool to expirement with non-traditional highlight colors for bolder, creative looks. For instance, a number of makeup enthusiasts believe that green highlighter is the beauty risk of the moment, and others are pulling off ethereal blue highlighters. So why shouldn't lilac highlighter have its moment, too? Whether you want a daring or subtle vibe, purple highlight is not to be overlooked.

The artsier, the better

Lilac highlighter isn't necessarily super subtle, so if you want to rock this dynamic highlight hue, do not be afraid to lean into the boldness and create an unconventional look. Makeup is a beautiful form of art and self-expression, so go ahead and dig into your artsy side, break out the makeup tools, and use different products for a unique, artistic design that can be highlighted with — what else? — a purple highlight. Get creative, go big, and have fun.

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle

While it is possible to use purple highlighter in a minimal and low-key way, it can also make quite the glitzy statement. No matter what, nothing is boring about lilac highlighter! If you want to get super glam, find an ultra-sparkly purple highlighter to turn heads wherever you wear it, and add top it all off with some glittering eyeshadow. You'll likely look like an A-list star at a premiere or an award show with all that sparkle.

Opt for a light, dreamy look

On the other hand, lighter, softer lilac shades are excellent for conveying sweet and delicate energy. Yes, purple highlighter can be super daring, but you can also make it dainty by choosing an ultra-light shade and pairing it with light eye makeup. Perfect for anyone going for the coquette trend that's dominating TikTok. A touch of soft lilac or lavender highlight can create an ethereal and angelic vibe.

Pretend you're auditioning for Euphoria

If you are a fan of the dramatic makeup on "Euphoria," lilac highlighter is a total must-have item. Pretend you're getting ready to audition for the role of a wild, makeup-obsessed "teenager" on the show by adding a head-turning purple highlight to your cheekbones and eyelids. Do Maddy and Jules proud and complete the look with face gems and bold lipstick.

Go monochromatic with lots of purples

Contrast can be super fun, but it isn't for everyone. So, if you prefer the monochromatic aesthetic, wear your lilac highlighter with purple eyeshadow. You don't need to add any other eye makeup hues to create a show-stopping look when you wear purple highlighter. Wearing a darker or lighter purple eyeshadow and some mascara will be enough to make your facial features pop while providing a cohesive appearance when you're wearing a lilac highlight.

Explore rave-inspired looks

Party girl fashion is having a moment, so 2023 is the perfect time to explore wild-child-inspired makeup, too, if that's your vibe. If you plan on going to a party, nightclub, rave, or concert — or even just want to take some exciting pictures for Instagram, don't be afraid to flaunt an ultra-bold eyeshadow style with some delightful glitter and a super shimmery lilac highlighter. Such a dauntless and vibrant look is sure to bring in the rave reviews.