TikTok's Dental Floss Hack Is The Perfect Way To Tame Flyaways

Everyone who uses TikTok knows that the social media platform brings up a new beauty hack almost daily. Many of these suggestions seem random yet oddly intriguing, such as the olive oil for nail strength TikTok hack and TikTok's finger eyeliner technique for nailing a smoky liner look. But the strange yet helpful TikTok beauty ideas don't stop at your nails and makeup; people share many interesting tips for hair on the social media app, too. For instance, many people have been blown away by the TikTok soda can curl hack. Oddly enough, this hack is what it sounds like, as TikTok users have been sharing videos of themselves putting locks of their hair into soda cans as part of a strategy to create soft and beautiful curls.


In addition to using soda cans for lovely loose curls, TikTokers have been using common household items to tame flyaways, posting videos proving that rubbing tin foil on hair can eliminate flyaways. And it's not just tin foil — believe it or not, TikTok has a flyaway-reducing hack involving dental floss.

TikTokers are using dental floss to smooth flyaways

Thanks to TikTok, not only are soda cans not just for drinking soda anymore, but dental floss isn't just for your teeth; TikTok users believe that the item is also ideal for improving your hair. For example, one TikToker with the username @hannahwarling shared a brief video where she just rubbed a long string of dental floss over her long hair — she had a lot of flyaways at the beginning of the video. But after she slowly rubbed the floss down her locks, the flyaways seemed to disappear! The video received over 5,000 likes, and some viewers were very excited about the idea, commenting, "omgg my hairs like this haha i need to try it" and "Omg I have to try this! Ty." However, a few viewers weren't so happy about the suggestion, writing, "Or just use a brush" and "my curls said NOOO."


Moreover, a TikTok user with the username @majdamedved posted a video of her carefully using the dental floss hack to smooth the flyaways out of her wavy tresses. She expressed appreciation for the hack, captioning her post, "where has this hack been all my life," as the dental floss seemed to improve her hair's appearance. Meanwhile, a TikToker with the username @ingecurls_ shared a video as she tried the technique on her curly hair and seemed very pleased with the smoothing effect. Thus, TikTok users with straight, wavy, and curly hair all seem to enjoy this hack.

Experts say not to use this hack all the time

We know how exciting it sounds when TikTok tells us that dental floss is all we need to deal with annoying flyaways. But before you throw out all your more traditional haircare products, you should beware that some hair hacks you see on TikTok might not be practical for the long term. Therefore, it's crucial to see what experts say regarding this dental floss flyaway removal hack. "It's a great hack to use in a pinch, but continued use could lead to some damage from the tension and pressure of the string during application. A build-up of wax can also compromise the health and feel of the hair," Tyler Moore, a hairstylist, told Refinery29. So, while the wax might seem like your best friend when you first try the hack, it won't be so kind to your locks if you use the technique all the time, as you could end up with some damage.


"As a stylist, we don't want wax on your hair all the time — a buildup of wax could ultimately compromise the integrity of the hair, and even make it more difficult for color to take," Carolyn Holden, another hairstylist, told Shape. Thus, it seems like this hack is your best bet for smoothing your hair before a once-a-week date night or the occasional photo shoot with friends, but shouldn't be overused, especially if you color your hair.