The Pants Trend That Won't Work With Knee-High Boots

Finally, tight skinny jeans have released their stranglehold on fashion and on thighs everywhere. The days of comfortable, loose-fitting, and even wide-legged denim are once again upon us. Unfortunately, jeans that give your legs a little room to breathe don't pair well with every fashionable footwear choice. If you're a fan of knee-high boots, you'll likely have to choose between wearing them or your comfy jeans. Pantlegs that billow when tucked into a tall boot haven't been a good look since the 18th century.

Never fear, there are plenty of alternatives you can wear with your favorite boots this year, and only one of them involves skinny jeans. Here are some of the best ideas for styling knee-high boots that don't involve folding, cramming, or wrapping your pantlegs. Next time you're ready to give your new roomy jeans a break, choose your favorite inspiration outfit and make it your own. 

Sweater dress and tights

A sweater dress is one of the most versatile pieces in anyone's closet. You can add or omit accessories to make it appropriate for nearly any weather, and you can find a style for every occasion, from work to date night. Add some cute coordinating tights and your knee-high boots, and you're as put together as it gets. 

Skinny jeans and matching bag

The skinny jeans trend may have latched onto a little more than its rightful 15 minutes of fame, but that doesn't mean they no longer have any place in your wardrobe. There is no better job for skinny jeans than fitting perfectly into your favorite boots with no fold-over necessary. Add a matching bag for a more curated look. 

Short skirt and jacket

Feeling cute? Headed out for a girls' night and looking to turn heads? Let everyone know by pairing a sexy little skirt with some knee-high boots. With or without tights or pantyhose, all eyes will be on you, especially if you add a jacket that matches or complements your knee-highs. 

Romper and matching belt

Is it a shirt? Is it shorts? It's both! If you like the look of a short dress or skirt with knee-high boots but also enjoy the coverage of shorts, a romper is the best of both worlds. Define your waist with a matching belt, and you're on your way to iconic.