The Style Essentials That Will Elevate Your Relaxed Jeans

We know that skinny jeans have made their way out of some people's closets and been replaced with relaxed jeans. Even though skinny jeans are still some people's favorite style, other jeans, like dad jeans, mom jeans, and wide-leg jeans, have recently been seen more frequently. Styling relaxed jeans can be tricky, since they're usually worn with casual outfits. In addition, they create a looser effect that can either hide your body shape or show off, depending on what tops you pair them with. On the other hand, skinny jeans are more constricting, but they do know how to elevate an outfit.

However, relaxed jeans give you a looser fit and allow you to style them differently by adding small touches that make your fit more stylish. For example, a bold corduroy jacket can spice up your outfit if you dress casually in jeans and a basic white tee. In addition, accessories and shoes can always help give the outfit an extra boost. Owning the right staple pieces allows you to wear them multiple times to create different fits with tops, shoes, and accessories you already have.

Here are a few essentials to add to your closet to elevate your relaxed jeans.


Blazers aren't only for the office anymore; you can pair them with your favorite relaxed jeans, a basic tee, and some heels for the perfect brunch outfit. In addition, blazers make any casual outfit into a chic one. For example, this look is simple with baggy jeans, a white tee, new balance sneakers, and a sporty hat, but the blazer turns it into a business casual outfit. Another way to style the blazer is layering it over a button-up shirt with relaxed jeans and a pair of heels for a date night look.

Leather jacket

A leather jacket with relaxed jeans creates the ultimate cool, edgy outfit, especially when it's paired with heels and sunglasses. There are so many styles to try out, such as a cropped jacket, oversized jacket, or one with shoulder pads, that could elevate your relaxed jeans. This cropped leather jacket gives the right balance to baggy jeans. If you want to style your jeans with an oversized leather jacket, wear a fitted top so that the outfit doesn't look bulky with a loose-fitted T-shirt.

Crop top

The easiest way to elevate your relaxed jeans is by throwing on a crop top. This is especially perfect in the warmer months when you might want to show a little skin. You can also throw onĀ button-up over it. You can wear it fully tucked in, halfway tucked in, or unbuttoned to show off your crop top.

Denim jacket

The double denim style has been around for years, some people love the look, and other people don't like it, but finding the right wash for the top and bottom is vital to making the aesthetic work. For example, this outfit has a light wash jean jacket and jeans paired with a white T-shirt and boots. The outfit works due to the same light tones throughout the fit and the same wash of denim. In addition, the black boots and accessories give a nice contrast to the look without stealing the spotlight from the denim jacket.

Trench coat

A trench coat turns any casual outfit into a refined look, especially when combined with a cozy sweater and baggy jeans. Add a trench coat to your wardrobe if you don't have one already. They're perfect for styling and enhancing any outfit for any occasion, and they're lighter in weight than regular longline coats so that you can wear them throughout fall, winter, and spring. You can wear the trench coat out on an evening walk around the city, to dinner with friends, or on a coffee run.

Quarter-zip sweater

For an elevated cozy outfit, you want to go with something that doesn't hide your curves yet still keeps you warm, like a quarter-zip sweater. You can layer the quarter-zip over a basic tee or throw it over your shoulders for a preppy look and wear it when it starts to get chilly. To show off your curves, loosely tuck the front part of the sweater into your jeans, and tie the whole outfit with your favorite boots and shoulder bag.


We've mentioned multiple layering pieces that are ideal for elevating your relaxed jeans, but you can never go wrong with a bodysuit. They're versatile and come in many colors and styles to dress up or keep casual. Neutral-colored bodysuits are always good to have because they match any jacket, jean wash, and shoes perfectly. In addition, you can wear the bodysuit without a layering item and spruce up your outfit with a lavish purse and sunnies. This outfit tops the look with sneakers but can easily be switched out with heels for a night out.