Red Eyeshadow Is A Stunning Spring Staple. Here's How To Rock It

Red is a famously sexy, bold, and intense color. Thus, it's no surprise that people often wear skin-tight red dresses or other red garments when hoping to make a head-turning entrance on a night out or impress a hot date. Even red tights are hot if you style them well! In addition to red clothing, wearing red lipstick is always a good idea for making your pucker pop, as you can never go wrong with a classic red lip, whether you want to look sexy, sassy, or fancy. While you probably first think of red lipstick when hearing about red makeup, you shouldn't underestimate red eye makeup.

Not only can red lipstick famously flatter your lips, but red eyeshadow can beautifully enhance your eyes. "The color wheel shows that red and green are complementary colors," Marco Antonio, a makeup artist for Chanel, told Glamour UK. "By applying red eyeshadow or eyeliner, you can bring out the green or gold tones in your eyes, making them appear brighter and more vibrant. They add warmth and depth to the eyes, creating a sultry, romantic look ... It can be worn in a variety of shades, from deep burgundy to cherry red and rose." Therefore, everyone should experiment with red eyeshadow this spring!

Create an artistic look

People don't typically wear red eyeshadow for a subtle look, so consider leaning into that boldness by creating a unique design. Dramatic red eyeshadow provides a perfect hue for experimenting with creative looks, so have fun with it. Makeup is art, so explore artistic designs with your red shadow, and consider adding more pops of red to your face and completing the look with a red lip to match.

Try a red accent

We understand that rocking red eyeshadow might seem like a daunting idea to people who don't typically wear red eye makeup. So, it's a good idea to ease into it by adding a hint of red eyeshadow to another look instead of applying the red hue to your entire eyelid, which might overwhelm you if you're new to it. A striking red accent will pair well with gold eyeshadow looks, taking your design to the next level.

The brighter, the better

As mentioned earlier, people typically flaunt red eyeshadow to make a statement, not to achieve an understated look. If you're going to make a statement, you might as well make a super bold statement by wearing neon red eyeshadow for a head-turning appearance. It might not be appropriate for some work offices or the grocery store, but it'll be a lot of fun for more exciting settings and events.

Explore rainbow-inspired looks

Believe it or not, Clowncore is TikTok's newest trend, so 2023 is the perfect time to break out your brightest, wackiest, and loudest garments. Consider leaning into this odd yet undeniably fun fashion and beauty trend by exploring ultra-colorful makeup, such as rainbow-inspired eyeshadow designs. For any rainbow look, you'll need red, giving you another reason to start working with red shadow.

Take inspiration from Euphoria

Whether you love or hate the dramatic storylines and intense characters in "Euphoria," there's no arguing that the series does an amazing job with the makeup. Between the graphic designs and never-ending sparkle, the show has had an extreme influence on society's makeup, encouraging viewers to work with brighter colors and more glitter. So, why not take inspiration from "Euphoria" and add face gems, bold eyeliner, or glitter to your already-bold red eyeshadow?

Make your eyes pop under your glasses

Everyone who wears glasses knows that doing eye makeup can be challenging because more subtle looks can get overlooked underneath the eyewear. However, even the biggest, thickest glasses won't overshadow red eyeshadow; since the red shadow is typically bright and bold, it'll still be ultra-visible under your glasses. Therefore, your eye makeup will still be in the spotlight when you wear your glasses if you rock a red look.

Rock an edgy look

Although red eyeshadow can be super bright and upbeat, you can still make it look edgy if you prefer more punk, goth, grunge, or emo styles. Try using a dark rather than ultra-bright red shadow shade and pairing it with dark lipstick and nails or black eyeliner to add more edge to your look.