The Spring Mani Shade That Will Have Everyone Green With Envy

It's official: this spring, nails everywhere will be going green. We're not just talking about your basic minty manicure, either. From screaming acid green to sumptuous emerald, the color is poised to make a major comeback in all types of shades. Green featured heavily on the fall/winter runways, and verdant looks have begun popping up in droves on social media. "I'm telling you right now, green nails are having a whole moment," creator Callahan Rahm told TikTok. "There are so many green nail polishes that I want to try." It's only fitting that green should be our go-to this time of year — after all, it's a nod to our favorite signs of spring, like budding foliage and Shamrock shakes.

Whether you go all out with nail embellishments or stick to a simple French manicure, there's no wrong way to sport the season's hottest hue. With so many options at your fingertips, green nails can work with anyone's aesthetic. Ready to leaf through some spring manicure ideas? Let's check out some of the cutest nail designs for spring 2023.

Apple green accent nails

How breathtaking are these? To get this stunning apple green set, file your nails into slightly rounded square tips and look for a creamy, opaque lime polish, like Orly's 1-Step Manicure in "Simply the Zest." While the gold accents might be hard to get outside of the salon, you can always opt for nail stickers or gems to complete the look.

Kelly green border manicure

Valentine's Day may be over, but we've fallen for this border manicure's sweet heart-shaped edges. This design will look great on natural or artificial nails. You can swap the kelly green hue for any shade you'd like, from jade to chartreuse. For an even more exaggerated heart, try tapering the tips into a soft claw.

Swirly green oval set

The swirly manicure is still going strong, as evidenced by this groovy set of nails. This oval-tipped mani is the perfect solution for those who struggle to choose a color at the salon. If you'd rather paint the psychedelic swirls at home, use a fine detail brush to trace alternating greens on your accent nails.

Starry emerald French mani

This glamorous, star-studded mani was absolutely made for nights out. Emerald is one of the top-trending nail colors for spring, and it looks amazing when used for a glittery French manicure. To get the tiny starburst accents, use gold nail stickers and dot the centers with a drop of emerald polish to match.

Candy green ombré nails

The ombré green dots on this set look just like candy buttons, and we'd be lying if we said they don't look good enough to eat. To get this set at the salon, opt for a lime green gel shade like DND Sour Apple (pictured here). Of course, you can also paint your own polka dot nails using a dotting pen tool and two of your favorite green polishes.

Holographic green French tips

Look no further for the season's trendiest manicure. From its eye-catching shimmer to its delicate matte accents, this design is bound to turn heads everywhere you go. Plus, with the glitter nail trend on the rise, these nails let you rock two of spring's freshest styles at once. That said, this flashy take on the traditional French mani is good enough to wear year-round.