Warm-Toned Eyeshadow Is Out. Bring On Icy, Moody Hues

Whenever we want to add glamorous drama or a subtle color to our look, we instantly reach for eyeshadow. We enjoy using eyeshadow palettes and sticks to elevate our look through flattering hues. Along with many other types of makeup, there always seem to be new eyeshadow trends popping up, such as negative space eyeshadow. Furthermore, a cooler color range is replacing warm eyeshadow hues.

"The '90s grunge look is coming back, which is all about unfussy, smudgy cool gray tones ... [This type of] color palette, with soft grays, taupes, and charcoal colors makes the whites of your eyes look brighter," Jenny Patinkin, a celebrity makeup artist/brand founder, tells PureWow. Icy eyeshadow is perfect for rocking a sleek style to brighten your eyes while flaunting semi-angsty cool-girl energy. There are many ways to explore cool eyeshadow shades, so everyone should unleash and embrace their '90s grunge side and experiment with these trendy hues.

Light blue eyeshadow is as cool as ice

Not only are light, icy blue eyeshadow shades super trendy, but they're also ultra-flattering. If you have blue eyes, wearing icy blue shadows will add more dimension to your already stunning eyes for a monochromatic, cohesive look. Meanwhile, light blue eyeshadow will make brown, green, and hazel eyes pop because of the intense contrast.

Get grunge with grey eyeshadow

The 2020s are the perfect time to start pulling off moody grey eyeshadow looks and flaunting this edgy makeup with your grungiest outfits. Grey eyeshadow will add an instant intensity to anyone's appearance for an angsty yet chic, untouchable vibe. Whether you opt for a subtle gray or go full-on emo, grey eyeshadow is great for moody energy.

White eyeshadow can be daring or angelic

Some people like to incorporate hints of white into elaborate eyeshadow looks, but why not go for full-on white shadow for an ultra-icy look? Whether your eyes are light or dark, white eyeshadow will appear bold and provide a lot of contrast. It can appear striking and intense or angelic and girly, depending on the rest of your look. Try pairing with black lipstick for a dauntless vibe or glassy pink lipgloss for a softer appearance.

Make a shimmery statement with silver shadow

Silver eyeshadow is perfect for fun nights out. Whether you plan on attending a concert, party, nightclub, rave, or bar, sparkly silver eyeshadow will help you stand out. Silver shadows perfectly fit in with the icy trend because of the cool tone, but the shininess or glitter makes it more dramatic, helping you achieve a "Euphoria"-inspired look. Everything about silver eyeshadow screams nightlife!

Try a denim-inspired look

Do you love wearing jeans or denim jackets? You should experiment with denim blue eyeshadow! Denim-inspired shades of blue typically feature a moody blend of blue and gray tones for an edgy, at times, understated look. Wearing a denim blue shadow with a denim jacket or jeans — or both — will provide a monochromatic look for fun yet cohesive energy. And like actual denim, you can dress it up or down based on the rest of your makeup and outfit.

Use purple to add a touch of warmth but not too warm

If you want to explore the icy makeup trend but typically wear warmer eyeshadow colors, then purple shadows are great for easing into the style. Since purple blends blue and red tones, purple eyeshadow features a hint of warmth. However, the blue tones keep it cool enough to fall within the icy category.

Rock a smokey eye

Anyone who wants a more sophisticated look should create a cool-toned, smokey eye. A smokey eye with an icy twist is the perfect option for a trendy, glamorous appearance. So if you plan on going to a formal event, consider completing your look with a cool smokey eye. This makeup will never fail to bring elegant drama to the party.