What Is Negative Space Eyeshadow And How Can You Pull It Off?

If you're the kind of person who's always on the lookout for fun and selfie-worthy makeup techniques, then you may have already played around with winged lips and layered liner. You might also have found your cosmetics-loving interest piqued by negative space makeup, which is totally understandable.

Both eye-catching and stunning not to mention wildly versatile, negative space makeup involves utilizing what you leave out along with what you apply, according to the Real Style Network. A trend that originally showed up as a stylish manicure, it meant that some sections of the nail were painted while others remained without color. Negative space makeup relies on the same method of applying product to certain areas and keeping the other spots bare or filling them with a relatively nude shade. Although that may sound pretty straightforward, the idea has inspired seemingly endless versions. From subtle colors that are used to put a modern spin on classic looks to dark colors that are used to create intricate designs not to mention matte makeup and glimmery options — all with negative space, of course — it's a technique that can be worn to your stylish job or while you're enjoying a night out with friends. On top of that, it can suit the cheeks, lips, brows, and eyes.

In fact, negative space eyeshadow can be one of the best ways to put this makeup method to good use. That is, if you know how to pull it off.

Tricks to perfectly nailing negative space eyeshadow

When you use eyeshadow to craft a look that relies on negative space, then you'll end up with a style that sees either the majority or just a touch of the lid covered with shadow. Usually, a line or distinctive shape — such as a dot, crescent, or star — is left without product which is what gives you the desired negative space effect. It's also something that can easily be done if you know how to do it properly and take advantage of a few pro-level tips to get you started.

"To get clean, precise lines you need to make sure you have brushes that will give you a lot of control to really perfect lines and shapes," beauty blogger Swayze Morgan told Today. "Once you establish the shape you are wanting to create, a cream concealer is a great way to clean up your lines or remove 'space.'"

If this is all new to you or you can't quite achieve the shape you're aiming for, Morgan says, "I would recommend starting out simple and try using tape or stickers to remove after you've applied the makeup to get the hang of working with space." She also noted, "Once you've got the technique down, your imagination is the limit!" Indeed, if you've gotten the hang of negative space eyeshadow, then you might want to take it to the next level by adding a liner.

Enhance negative space eyeshadow with liner

You can choose to do negative space eyeshadow and, on the other hand, you can opt for negative space eyeliner. Or, you can be bold and combine the two in order to use a liner to truly and fully bring out the shadow. Makeup artist Mira Parmar explained to Glamour UK, "It's an amazing way to update a look and make it 'cool.' It's a great alternative to [the] classic liner and everyone can try it."

Another variation of the style can be done with pretty much any color or design, all you need to do is leave a space in between the eyeshadow as you normally would for a negative space look. From there, add liner in whatever shade complements or contrasts with the first and aim to intersect or outline what you've done with the shadow. In order to end up with the same kind of clean lines that you created with eyeshadow, Parmar told Glamour UK, "It's best to use a gel, cream, or liquid liner. Don't use a kohl liner as they tend to smudge and won't give a perfectly clean line. Liquid pens are by far the easiest choice and are great for those who aren't makeup aficionados."

With the right tools, the proper technique, and endless imagination, you can definitely use the negative space trend to create exciting and enticing looks that you'll surely want to show off.