Fall Is Gone, But Shackets Remain The Perfect Spring Layering Piece

Spring is the time to wear all the cute clothes you've missed wearing and stored away for a sunny day. However, the days are always awkward when it's cold in the morning, warm during the day, and cooler at night. Instead of dressing with heavy layers, shackets are perfect for keeping you warm without making you sweat in the middle of the day.

Shackets, an oversized shirt-jacket combo, are perfect for every season since they make the ideal layering piece. They're made in wool, corduroy, denim, and leather so you can style them in various ways. For example, you can layer a shacket under a heavy winter coat for extra warmth or wear them alone over a cropped T-shirt in the spring. As we transition from winter to spring, you don't have to throw them in the back of your closet yet; they can still take up some space on your clothing rack. Even though it's going to start getting warmer soon, we might be surprised by April showers, so we'll need to layer up. Wear one over a hoodie to prevent it from getting soaked if you get caught in the rain. 

If you've been wanting to try out adding a shacket to your wardrobe, here's your sign. They look great on anyone; it's about finding one that will go with most of your clothes to create different outfits. Here are a few ways to style a shacket and prepare for spring.

Shacket and miniskirts

On warmer days, you can get away with showing a little more skin through miniskirts, shorts, and cropped shirts. Style a shacket with a flirty miniskirt, cropped tank, and tall cowgirl boots for a flawless chic fit. To cover up more, you can style a mid-length skirt with a baby tee and a neutral shacket. Wear it out on date night or to a Saturday night get-together with friends.

Cropped shacket

Most shackets are oversized and reach mid-thigh, but opt for a cropped style if you prefer something shorter. They're perfect for showing off your figure; style them with leggings, a T-shirt, and your favorite sneakers. Or, pair it with your gym outfit by layering it over your sports bra or gym shirt. Elevate your look with stylish accessories, like a bright-colored purse or some fun sunglasses. For example, this outfit is casual with a simple black fit and black and white shacket, but the green accents stand out. Accessories are great for enhancing any outfit.

Faux leather shacket

For a casual fit, like jeans and a white tee, style a colored shacket for a pop of color. Bright jackets can be hard to style if you wear other bright-colored clothes because you don't want different hues to clash. For more neutral clothes, you can get away with pairing them with any fun tones. But if you do enjoy wearing bright colors, you can style complementary shades together, like a pink top and a yellow shacket with jeans.

Shacket and leggings combo

Create an edgy outfit with a pair of leather leggings, combat boots, and a shacket. Pair it with any beige or neutral top to balance out the black bottom half of your look. Switch out the leggings for any other wide-leg leather pants if you don't like fitted jeans or leggings. Accessorize the outfit with a black or brown leather crossbody bag, jewelry, or your go-to sunglasses. 

Layer a dress with a shacket

Shackets aren't only for layering over jeans and T-shirts; you can style them with dresses, too. Whether you're going out dancing or walking around the city, a shacket can keep you warm. For example, this lilac checkered shacket styled with a hooded sweatshirt dress and knee-high boots creates a cool-chic look. Start with a neutral base and top it with a pastel-colored shacket and matching beanie for the ultimate spring look. Finally, you can swap out the sweater dress for a satin or ribbed dress for an elegant feel.

Patchwork shacket

Spruce up an all-black outfit with a patchwork shacket with various colors, like this stunning pink, green, and black one. The pink and green add a touch of color to the all-black outfit. To create a sophisticated look, you can add gold accents, like a bag, belt, or jewelry. The knee-high boots dress up the fit by making it edgy and luxe. Wear it out to dinner; you'll be cool and cozy.

Denim shacket

Opt for a boho look with a denim shacket, oversized band tee, tall white boots, and a brown fedora hat. It's the ideal Coachella outfit waiting to be worn or shown off at the rodeo. Spring is all about western wear, especially if you enjoy going to the fair. On the other hand, put together your own Canadian tuxedo and style your denim shacket with denim jeans, a white top, and your favorite cowgirl boots. The spring and summer have warmer weather, so you can trade in jeans for some denim shorts.

Knee-length shacket

Just like cropped and regular-lengthed shackets, there are also long-lined shackets that you can pull off as a lightweight coat. Instead of wearing a thick winter coat, layer your shacket over a turtle neck or a simple long-sleeve shirt. Style it with jeans for a casual look or a pair of trousers for a sleek look. Finish off the fit with booties or sneakers to tie your outfit together. You can keep it simple with a basic color, like black, or go with something fun, like a plaid print shacket.