Be The Best-Dressed Wedding Guest This Season By Following These Trends

It's almost time to pop champagne for the newlyweds, but before you get to the wedding, have you figured out what you'll wear? While a bride gets her dress a year in advance (if planned accordingly), guests have more time to decide what they'll be showing up in. So even though the spotlight won't be on you the entire time, you want to look your best for all the Instagram posts and stories that other guests share.

Finding the perfect outfit for a wedding is stressful. The options are endless, from skirts to dresses to rompers. Don't forget about the jewelry, accessories, and shoes to match. There are many things to consider, but once you've chosen a few possibilities, it will all come to fruition. While the unspoken rule is you shouldn't wear white, what exactly should you wear? You could scour through Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram to get an idea of what everyone else has planned or what others have worn in the past. However, you don't want to backtrack, which is why current trends are helpful.

Go with aquamarine tones

For warm or tropical wedding weather, check out different dresses in an aqua color. The blue hue was seen all over the runway and could make an ideal spring/summer wedding outfit. Pair the dress with silver jewelry to let the color pop and let you stand out from the rest of the guests. The fun part about dresses is there are many styles to choose from, such as long satin, ruched, short cut-out, or backless dresses. You can try on a few and see which ones feel comfortable and complement your skin tone.

Incorporate a pop of red

Adding red can make you stand out against the crowd if you prefer neutral shades for your dress choice. Whether it's your high heels, favorite purse, or an eyeshadow look, red can make a great statement color. On the other hand, if you don't want to wear a dress, try a two-piece outfit with a red satin skirt and a neutral satin top or a neutral skirt with a bold red top. Finally, you can go for a subtle look and add a red belt around your dress.

Wear metallic shoes

We don't know about you, but shoes can be the hardest part of putting an outfit together. You might want to buy shoes you can wear with multiple outfits instead of solely on a special occasion, so going with black, nude, or white is always the safest option. However, metallic shoes have stolen the runway and could be your next go-to shoe. Metallic is easy to pair with everything, and it comes in gold, silver, or bronze, so you have a few options for your outfit. You'll be lighting up the dance floor with metallic shoes.

Go floral with rosettes

Wearing huge flowers has become a popular trend all over TikTok. Harry Styles was recently seen with a stunning flower choker that had everyone talking. You don't have to wear a giant flower choker; you can wear a smaller one or find a dress with a few rosettes sewn along the neckline. In addition, add a rosette scrunchie to your hairdo if you go for a low bun or half-ponytail style. On the other hand, wear it as a corsage instead of a bracelet. Embrace the season with love and flowers.

Add a touch of lace to your dress

Even though you shouldn't take the spotlight away from the bride, that doesn't mean you can't show up in style. Instead, opt for a lingerie influence with lace or corsets. Various dresses have lace features along the hemline, neckline, or sleeves, but avoid wearing a full-on lingerie slip dress. In addition, you can wear a corset bodice dress that accentuates your shape without exposing anything that you shouldn't expose.

Shimmer with sequins

Simple satin dresses aren't to everyone's taste. So why not try sequins for a change? A sequined dress will guarantee you a spot on the best-dressed list. You'll shine and light up the night like a mirror ball. It doesn't have to be too flashy; pick a sequin dress in a neutral color instead of a bright one. You won't have to worry about jewelry or accessories; the dress will stand out on its own. Pair it with classic heels and a clutch purse to balance the sequins.

Opt for a tube dress

If you really want to be on trend, pick an interesting strapless tube dress as your choice of attire. We've seen multiple '90s trends pop up throughout the last year, so it's no surprise that tube dresses have come back. You can get a looser style or more fitted, like a body-con dress, but they're meant to be looser for the full effect. The idea is to make you look elegant at the wedding. Then, pair the dress with metallic shoes for a show-stopping outfit.

Shine bright with long earrings

A great way to elevate a simple dress is with a beautiful pair of long earrings. Jewelry always makes a great conversation starter, whether you're the one complimenting or being complimented. There's been a rumor that necklaces aren't as popular as they used to be, so if you like following trends closely, shoulder-dusting earrings will be enough for your wedding outfit. Then, add on a few rings of your choice or a bracelet to tie the whole look together.