The Early Aughts Denim-Aissance Has Now Come For Accessories, Too

If you keep up with what's in style, you are probably already aware that early aughts fashion is back in full swing. From baby tees to slip skirts, we have seen it all this season. And, of course, no Y2K look is complete without some of the accessories of the time period. Colleen Hill, curator of Costume and Accessories at the Museum of FIT, tells Byrdie that anyone who is up for fully embracing early aughts fashion should give statement accessories a whirl. And don't be afraid to wear multiple bold statement accessories at the same time.

Another early aughts trend that has made a comeback? Denim. No, we aren't talking about a simple pair of jeans, but a full Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears denim head-to-toe moment. And what do you know, there are plenty of accessories made out of denim that'll send your '00s vibes off the charts. Denim has all but overtaken the accessories world this season, and the style-savvy set is adding more denim to full jean looks and touches of denim to everyday casual outfits. Let's get into how the early aughts denim-aissance has nudged its way into the accessories world.

The denim shoes

Perhaps the hottest denim accessory of the moment is denim shoes. We have seen denim sandals, denim sneakers, and denim boots galore. And yes, you can wear denim jeans with denim shoes. Look no further than Instagram influencer @justbecauseitspretty, who showcased the perfect way to style denim on denim look featuring denim boots, denim jeans, and a denim Saint Laurent puffer medium chain bag.

Denim handbags galore

What is a true early aughts look without a denim handbag? Designers and fast-fashion companies alike are hopping on the denim accessories train by releasing denim versions of classic handbag silhouettes. Bottega Veneta offers a denim rendition of its popular Teen Jodie bag and Balenciaga has put a denim spin on its Hourglass bag.

Combine two early aughts trends with a denim rosette

Another early aughts trend to recently hit the fashion scene is the rosette choker. Large faux flowers that make Carrie Bradshaw proud are having a moment right now; at the 2023 Golden Globes, stars like Jenny Slate and Eddie Redmayne rocked corsage-inspired fashion. Combine the corsage choker trend with the denim fabric trend, and what have you got? A next-level early aughts accessory.

Denim hats

Hats are always en vogue, partly because they are a fun accessory, but mainly because they are practical. They can keep you warm in the winter and protect you from the summer sun, making for year-round use. Support the denim trend this season with a denim hat. Instagram blogger @justelel shows us how she styles a denim baseball hat with gingham pants, a trench coat, and a denim purse.

Have you ever seen a denim belt before?

If you are truly committed to the denim-aissance, you are going to want to try a denim belt. Whether it's a patchwork look or solid denim, this is a fun way to add dimension to your ensemble. Pair a denim belt with jeans to add contrast, with a dress to add a Y2K touch while adding shape, or with an entirely different type of pant altogether.

The denim headband

Headbands are, without question, a classic hair accessory. While many headbands are puffed up and extremely feminine, combining that style with the denim trend creates both an entirely new and retro feel. Spice things up with a dash of early aughts vibes by wearing a denim-coated headband. Hairstylist @jazzyfrazier showcases how she combines a natural hairstyle with a chic denim bow headband in an Instagram post.