The Lop: What To Know About The Lovechild Between The Bob And Crop

If you are looking for a change, it may be time for a chop. Short hair is trending this season, with some of our favorite celebrities and influencers heading to the salon themselves. Influencer Dixie D'Amelio is just one of many famous figures who has recently traded in their long strands for a much shorter 'do. Why go short this season? Matthew Jones of EdwardsAndCo tells Refinery29, "I think now more than ever, given the current climate of the gender revolution, women are feeling more empowered to start breaking free of stereotypes and try something more adventurous."

Women are taking on the short hair trend with a unique cut: the lop. The lop is a true lovechild between the bob and the crop haircuts. Not quite short enough to be considered a crop cut, but not necessarily a bob either, the lop is a fun trend that has no true rules. If you are looking to try out the lop, we have curated six fun variations of the look.

A curly lop

Naturally curly girls are perfect for a curly lop. Your curls will add volume to the cut, along with a retro look that can be hard to achieve otherwise. You can also use a small barrel curling iron or even consider getting a perm if you are truly committed to getting the perfect curly lop.

The styled lop

People with a longer mane may add long braids or high ponytails to make their hair stand out, but short-hair lovers often have to find other hairstyles that work for their cut. Many who choose to live the lop lifestyle look to add flare in other ways, such as small pigtails using their top layer of hair.

The overgrown pixie look

Whether you are actually growing out a pixie cut or simply want to try a chic hairstyle, the overgrown pixie look could be a great option for you. This look is low-maintenance and is easier to style than a pixie cut, a crop, or a bob, as it combines the best elements of all three.

Bangs with a lop cut

Bangs are a great way to add dimension to your trendy lop cut. Plus, it can be an enhancing addition to your face. "It's universally flattering to have a few pieces that sit on your cheeks to prevent your profile from being visually cut off," says hair expert Oscar Blandi, speaking to Harper's Bazaar on when to get bangs.

A curtain lop

Another way to add face-framing features to your lop without fully committing to bangs is to create a curtain with your hair. Start with creating a middle part in your lop with pieces that come down slightly longer to frame the front of your face and give it shape.

Stacks on stacks

Lots of layers can create a stacked lop. This will keep volume prevalent throughout the hair, ensuring that it never sticks to the head. Layers are also a great way to prevent your hair from feeling heavy on the head and keep you cool during the warmer months. There are so many benefits — why not give it a try?