Two-For-One: How To Transform Your Slip Dress Into A Skirt For Ultimate Versatility

Slips have once again become an "it" item to have over the past couple of years, as '90s style has come back to the fashion forefront. Where slips were once worn under other clothing, they were worn alone and shown off loud and proud in the 1990s. Kate Moss, Princess Diana, and many other women in the '90s wore the look as the "intimates as outerwear" trend blossomed. Now, fashion-forward trendsetters are once again obsessed with slips, wearing both slip skirts and slip dresses.

Slip skirts and slip dresses are both trending, but what if we told you that you can get both looks with only one of these pieces? A slip dress has two-for-one capabilities leading you to a multitude of looks without ever having to purchase a slip skirt. We have curated five eye-catching looks to transform your favorite slip dress into a slip skirt for ultimate versatility.

Layer under a sweater

Who says you can't wear a slip in winter? You will stay warm with this hack for transforming a slip dress into a slip skirt. Simply layer your favorite sweater over a maxi-length slip dress, creating contrast and forming the illusion that you actually have on a skirt. YouTube fashion expert Merrick's Art showcases multiple ways to make your sweater more flattering when layered over a slip dress including tying the sweater with a ponytail holder in the front and tucking it, as well as using a belt to tuck the sweater under.

Tuck a tee

To give the illusion of a slip skirt with your slip dress, you can layer your favorite T-shirt over top. This can add a more casual feel to the classic femininity of the slip as well. We most often see this trick executed with a classic band tee. Simply wear the band tee over your slip dress and tuck the hem of the band tee using the T-shirt knotting technique. This will give the illusion of a cropped T-shirt paired with a slip skirt.

Large belt at the waist

A large visible belt across the waist of your slip dress can give the illusion of two separate pieces: a matching slip skirt and camisole. Depending on the look of the belt, it can also add grunge or femininity. This is a great way to define your waistline and create an entirely new look out of an existing item in your closet.

Use a corset

You can make your favorite slip dress appear to be a slip skirt with a well-fitting corset. Simply tuck the straps to your slip dress into the corset when you put it on. If the corset is well-fitting, it will hold up the top of your dress. This look provides room for adjustments to the length of your dress as well, as you can tuck more or less of the dress up into the corset.

Office chic

For an office-chic look, wear a button-down over your favorite slip dress. To create definition at the waist, ensure that the button-down is buttoned as well as tied in the front. This is another way to give the illusion of a slip skirt while staying business casual. While most choose monochrome colors to create this look, this is also a fun way to add color-blocking or pattern mixing into your wardrobe.