The Weird-But-Helpful Tip To Steady Your Hands During Eyeliner Application

Applying eyeliner can be tricky. Plus, having shaky hands doesn't make it any easier. Terri Bryant, a makeup artist and the founder of Guide Beauty who also has Parkinson's disease, told Allure, "The shakier the hand, the more challenging it is to achieve the level of precision required to draw an even line across the waterline or lash line... We also want a certain level of symmetry across both eyes, which adds to the frustration of applying with shaking hands."

Although there is a wide range of reasons why your hands may not be as steady as you would like, this doesn't have to prevent you from creating a precise and fabulous look with your makeup. First, you may need to take a breath or two and remind yourself, as Bryant says, "Applying makeup is an art form, and with practice, you will get better. It's important to be kind to yourself. Makeup doesn't have to be 'perfect,' and washes off easily, so there's room to play."

On top of that, you might need to find ways to keep your hands calm while you apply or take advantage of tools and techniques that don't require you to remain super-still. That includes using a stamp for a gorgeous graphic liner and a bobby pin for a wonderful winged eyeliner, not to mention another uncommon but totally helpful tip that will steady your hand while you put on your makeup.

Your toes can help you apply your makeup ... seriously

Whether you want to add a touch of color to your face before you head out for the day or are interested in a look that's more complicated, applying eyeliner doesn't have to be hard even if you have shaky hands. You just need to put aside possible preconceptions about how you're supposed to do your makeup and perhaps put an arguably strange trick to good use. "Most people think that to apply liner you need one swift continuous line, but if you have shaky hands this may cause issue with getting a 'straight' line," Melissa Mangrum, a professional makeup artist and VaultBeauty brand ambassador, told Byrdie. She also offered an initial tip, saying, "My suggestion is to create dashes [with a drawing and lifting motion] until you get from end to end. Then, fill in any spaces as needed."

Next, get your toes into the action. Yes, your toes. Although it sounds weird, if you scrunch up your toes until they are tightly clenched, it will help to keep your hands steady. While there's surely a totally reasonable explanation for why this work, the simple fact is that it's effective, which is why those in the beauty industry rely on the hack to help them out when needed. That's also why it's worth giving it a go if you could use some assistance. Of course, there are a few other tricks, tips, and tools that you can try.

More helpful eyeliner hacks for unsteady hands

Applying your eyeliner doesn't have to be difficult if you set yourself up with ways to make it easier. For instance, if you have unsteady hands, opt for liners that are pencil or gel-based, which are formulas that can be quickly wiped away if you make a mistake, Charlie Riddle, global beauty director of Stila, explained to Bustle. He also recommended a felt tip if you prefer a liquid liner, saying, "A brush tip requires a very steady hand where the precision of a felt tip anchors better on the eye for an easier placement."

Beyond that, you can use silicone primer to cover up any issues caused by a shaky hand, according to Riddle, who also points out that you can do the same with eyeshadow. Along with nabbing a standing mirror or one that's secured on the wall to keep your hands free, Terri Bryant also told Bustle, "Before you start, take notice of your grip and how tightly you are holding onto the applicator or pencil. It should feel secure, but not like a vice grip."

Finally, don't get upset if your eyeliner doesn't work out right away. Go slow and try again as many times as needed. You'll surely find the technique that works for you. Maybe that's a certain liner formula, perhaps it's scrunching up your toes, or it could be a combination of both.