The 20 Best Ways To Wear Trendy Latex Looks

If you hear the word "latex" and immediately think of medical gloves, you're not alone. Latex probably isn't top-of-mind when it comes to the material you'd consider dressing in, but we're in the 21st century, an era when daring fashion choices are the norm. It's time to break this sexy, statement-making material out of the harsh confines of your cleaning supplies drawer and hair dye station and migrate it to your closet, stat.

Daunted by the prospect of wearing rubber-like material? You'll definitely make a statement when you walk out of the house in latex apparel, and you'll want to make sure you're wearing it well. Opt for one or two latex pieces before decking your whole wardrobe in it so you know whether you like wearing it (after all, latex feels different from the rest of your clothes).

You'll also want to make sure you're buying from sellers that work with actual latex and not cheaper material — check the label, as sometimes vinyl is passed off as latex. Ready to start on your latex clothing journey? Here are our 20 favorite ways to wear trendy latex looks.

Slinky catsuit

If you want to go all-in on your latex journey, browse the web for a slinky latex catsuit. Grab one in pink if you want a playful look or black if you're in the market for something ultra sexy. A latex catsuit can be a great intro to latex when worn to costume parties — you're expected to dress in something outlandish, and you'll get to know if you like the feel of latex clothing. And, of course, you'll want to grab a pair of cat ears to match!

Pencil skirt

Want to keep your look business-casual-sexy? Snag a latex pencil skirt. That's right, pencil skirts are reentering the conversation. A knee-length or longer one will give you some modest coverage, while the latex's shiny sheen gives you a sexy edge. Pair with a latex top and boots if you want to go head-to-toe rubber without being in a catsuit, or you could pair it with tights and a cotton blouse for a more understated look. 

Form-fitting corset

Okay, hear us out: The next time the Bridgerton-themed ball comes to your town, why not wow the attendees in a latex corset top? You're sure to make a statement, and you can definitely find a powder blue one to match your gown. Corsets aren't only for Regency-era fashion, though. You can make a great day-to-day look by styling a corset as a top, especially when you pair it with a skirt and some heels. 

Daring dress

Not sure what to wear to your next cocktail party? We think you should wear a latex dress. Why? Well, chances are nobody else will be in one, for starters. You don't have to go all the way and pair it with latex gloves like in the above photo, but a latex dress is a fantastic opportunity to expand your fashion color palette and go beyond the standard LBD (little black dress). Find one in a light nude shade for an understated but still striking look, or find a red latex dress to go big and bold.

Edgy gloves

You probably didn't think we would include latex gloves on this list, but these gloves aren't the kind you'd wear to clean the house or perform a medical procedure. Latex fashion gloves are sexy as anything, and while you certainly can use them to add some spice to the bedroom, you don't have to. A pair of latex gloves are also a winter accessory that will instantly upgrade your look while keeping your hands warm. Let them peek out of baggy coat sleeves to give a hint of that don't-mess-with-me vibe.

Sexy boots

If you want to subtly incorporate latex into your wardrobe without investing in too many pieces, knee-high latex boots are a fabulous option. Plus, pulling off your fave over-the-knee boots is simple! Grab a pair in black if you want to wear them often, as you'll be able to match black to the rest of your wardrobe pretty easily. Pair them with a minidress if you want the boots to make a statement. If you're going for a mysterious, sexy allure, wear them with a long dress with a side slit, and let them peek out occasionally to tell passersby that you mean business.

Cover it up

You don't have to be all latex all the time, especially if you're new to the rubberesque trend. When you want to go out in your first latex 'fit, it's a good idea to bring something to cover it up in case you find yourself uncomfortable partway into your outing. Want to cover it up but still keep it cute? Go for a trench coat or another longline coat (or sweater) that you can wear open at the front. This will keep your latex pieces on display to those you're talking to, but you won't get stares from onlookers — perfect if you're new to your latex journey.

Alluring bodysuit

Maybe you're dying to go all-out in latex, but a tight catsuit isn't your thing. Lucky for you, looser-fitting bodysuits are a thing, and they're a trend you should jump on yesterday. A latex bodysuit is sure to make a statement whether you wear it during the day or after night falls, and it's a great way to tone down the sex appeal of an ultra-tight catsuit. 

Statement jacket

If you don't love the feel of latex directly on your skin, why not opt for latex outerwear instead? A latex jacket is a great way to incorporate the seductive material into your wardrobe without feeling like you're wrapped in rubber. Want to make it look super subtle? Go for a black biker jacket — it'll be slightly shinier than leather but doesn't look too different from your standard leather jacket. You could also grab a statement color if you want to wow onlookers!

Understated pants

Latex pants don't have to be skin-tight to make a statement and can even be worn professionally if you dress them right. Pair some black latex pants with a blouse for your next work dinner. Complete the look with stilettos to give it a sexy edge or block-heel booties if you want to tone down the ensemble. You don't have to stick to black, either; grab a pair of latex white or cream pants to keep it cool in the warmer months.

Casual shirt

If your style errs toward the sporty-casual side, don't worry: There are latex pieces out there that you'll feel cute, comfy, and at home in. Latex clothing doesn't always have to be skin-tight, and a latex T-shirt is a great way to keep it casual while letting everyone know that you have a bit of an edge. We recommend opting for standout colors when shopping for casual latex tees to keep the latex on full display.

Bustier top

Want to create a sultry, sexy silhouette without going full corset? Try a bustier top! Bustiers are a great way to highlight your figure and tend to often have a bit more wiggle room than a tightly-laced corset. Pair a latex bustier top with casual jeans to tone the look down or under a blazer if you want a little hint of something sexy.

Elegant eveningwear

The next time you're invited to a gala, accept the invite wholeheartedly — and then start your hunt for a fabulous latex gown. Yes, latex can be surprisingly elegant, especially if you opt for a metallic sheen of your favorite hue. A pretty burgundy or emerald green latex gown would look lovely at any formal dinner, and you can always grab a brighter shade if you're feeling bold, like the stunning red latex dress above.

Biker jacket

Latex clothing doesn't have to constantly scream "rubber." Some pieces can be more understated and, therefore, surprisingly versatile. Take a latex biker jacket, for example, which tends to be adorned with enough little touches (like buckles, zippers, and buttons) that the latex isn't its standout feature. If you want to be even more subtle, grab latex that doesn't have a particularly shiny sheen on it. A subtle, neutral-toned latex biker jacket will give you a bit of edge without being too intimidating.

Metallic latex

Grabbing a metallic piece of latex clothing is another way to wear this sexy fabric without making it obvious that you're wearing latex. Metallic shades are eye-catching in and of themselves, so you definitely won't fly under the radar in metallic latex. Plus, metallic shades can make pieces more versatile and appropriate for all occasions. They also tend to be more forgiving when it comes to bumps and folds in the fabric, and are great shades to opt for if you want a looser-fitting latex piece.

Try different colors

If you've been in the latex clothing scene for a minute, you might be looking for ways to amp up your latex game. We've got an easy one: Try latex in different colors. Having colorful latex pieces on hand will make incorporating them into your daily wardrobe easier. If you're worried about putting outfits together with latex pieces, start with outerwear, which can make a statement on its own without needing to match the rest of your outfit. You can also start small by going for latex pieces in shades of navy, dark green, cream, or any other colors you regularly wear.

Cute crop top

Want a tiny hint of something sexy in your ensemble? Grab a latex crop top. Crop tops are a favorite casual summer staple for a reason, but they can be hard to transition easily from day to night, especially if they're too casual. Snag a latex crop top when you'll be shopping around town by day and going bar hopping at night; then just change from a pair of high-waisted jeans to a cute miniskirt, and you've got a recipe for a great night out on the town.

With a sweatshirt

Want to really dress down your latex? Treat a pair of latex pants like leggings and go full-on cozy with the rest of your 'fit. Grab your favorite oversized hoodie and pair of sneakers before you go out, and you'll have people on the street wondering how you look so effortlessly put together. (Don't worry, your secret's safe with us.)

Find some pattern

You won't be hard-pressed to find latex clothes in pretty much any solid color under the sun, but don't stop there. When shopping around for latex looks, find some pieces with a bit of pattern to bring extra spice to your outfit. The print doesn't have to be too showy, either — vertical stripes can create excellent color contrast in a latex piece, or polka dots could add a hint of innocence. 

Match it to your accessories

If you want to wear bright, eye-catching latex but aren't sure how to incorporate it into your wardrobe, take a page from Hailey Bieber's book and match your latex to your accessories! Her powder blue latex dress above perfectly matches her quilted handbag, meaning she could throw on any piece of outerwear and shoes and still look totally put together. Find latex pieces in similar colors as accessories you already own, and we're sure you won't have a problem making outfits with them.