Less-Is-More Is In, But That Doesn't Mean You Have To Sacrifice Your Glow

The era of perfect brows, crazy contouring, and airbrushed skin is coming to an end. Bring on nearly-bare, your-skin-but-better looks. As Tasha Reiko Brown, celebrity makeup artist and Chanel brand ambassador, recently told Allure, "For a minute we were stuck in a place of coverage, coverage, coverage. Just for the sake of coverage. [...] Faces are meant to be seen."

Now, in place of heavy foundation and contour sticks are a solid skincare routine and light makeup. And the timing couldn't be better: With warmer weather just around the corner, you won't have to worry about products slipping and sliding all over your skin.

But just because Instagram filter-like makeup is going out of style doesn't mean your complexion has to look dull. The incoming wave of skinimalism is all about using a stripped-down regimen to get healthy, radiant skin. Here's how to try the less-is-more look without giving up your glow.

Layer on hydration

Cutting back on makeup doesn't mean skimping on skincare — in fact, it means just the opposite. "Well-prepped skin gives you a beautiful, hydrated glow, which in return helps you use less product," celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo shared with Vogue. Above, influencer and makeup artist Carly shows off her luminous, makeup-free skin, courtesy of a mist, serum, moisturizer, and SPF. Bye-bye, highlighter.

Forgo full-coverage foundation

If you've been hiding behind heavy makeup, we get it. But sometimes, your skin just needs to breathe. Give it a break with lighter products that still conceal where needed, while boosting your glow. Makeup artist RaeDawn J Brooks suggested to The Zoe Report, "Try swapping out heavy coverage foundations and high voltage highlighters for skin-loving sheer foundations and multi-purpose hydrating face and body sticks." Tinted moisturizers and a thin layer of concealer can also do the trick. Digital creator Shalini Kutti, pictured above, suggests using creamy, non-mattifying products that leave a natural and dewy finish.

Add a touch of natural-looking color

For a glow-from-within effect, a little makeup can go a long way, especially with the underpainting technique. The viral trend involves applying blush and bronzer under foundation for a soft and natural blend. The key to keeping this look light and dewy is to opt for cream formulas and a barely-there layer of foundation or tinted moisturizer on top. That way, you can still see your real skin shining through, as model Hannah Mussette demonstrates.

Embrace your skin, flaws and all

Freckles, acne scars, texture — we all have some. Thankfully, the pressure to have perfect, poreless skin is easing, meaning now's your chance to embrace the skin you're in. And really, the secret to glowing on the outside is radiating confidence on the inside. Above, makeup artist Soleil Isabella Crow uses light makeup that keeps her freckles — and sparkle — on full display.

Slather on SPF

You may be ready to retire your heavy-duty foundation and falsies, but there's one product you should never leave behind in your skin and makeup line-up: sunblock. SPF is essential in protecting your skin from sun damage, and it can give you a healthy glow to boot. Instagrammer Chareè's glass skin, seen here, is all thanks to a bit of essence, moisturizer, and — you guessed it – sunscreen. For a two-in-one option, look for a tinted sunscreen to even out skin tone while blocking harsh rays. Pro tip: Don't forget an SPF lip balm for your pucker.