Tips For Putting A 2023 Spin On The Classic Flannel Shirt

Everyone — including us — is obsessed with grunge fashion in 2023. This intentionally imperfect style is about showing off your genuine self by wearing unapologetically edgy, unpolished looks. A solid staple of the '90s, gritty grunge fashion is having such a notable resurgence that many fashionistas are flaunting uniquely revamped twists on the beloved look, such as the alluring fairy grunge trend and blending mod and grunge makeup trends for a cool modern aesthetic. Since grunge looks are returning with modern makeovers, flannel fashion is also resurfacing.

Flannels are super fun to style, with countless TikTokers posting videos showing off their favorite flannel outfits. Everyone should have at least one flannel shirt in their wardrobe, as these garments are versatile and stylish, with many ways to dress them up and down. Plus, these pieces will help keep you warm in the fall and spring seasons if you want to wear something lighter than a jacket or sweater. Below, we have some tips to help you rock a flannel in 2023.

Wear it over athleisure

Style-savvy people are embracing activewear for more than just the gym in the 2020s, as athletic clothing is perfectly acceptable for daily outfits now more than ever. Many people are styling their leggings for outside the gym, in addition to sports bras, yoga pants, and athletic sneakers — so why not rock two trends in one by adding a flannel over your athleisure?

Pair a flannel with skinny jeans

Whether you love or hate them, you can't argue with the fact that divisive skinny jeans are returning. By pairing an oversized or baggy flannel with body-hugging skinny jeans, you'll create a trendy ensemble with flattering contrast — the grunge flannel will give off casual energy, while the skinny jeans show off your figure, adding a more polished touch to the outfit.

Dress it down with shorts and sneakers

Flannels are typically casual on their own, but if you want to dress your flannel down even more, wear the garment with denim shorts and sneakers. Between the short denim bottoms, sporty or minimalistic sneakers, and cozy flannel, your outfit will appear super laid-back for weekends and lazy mornings. The relaxed combination is excellent for cooler summer and spring days, too.

Dress it up with a mini dress

On the other hand, flannels are just as fun to dress up as they are to dress down. Most flannels will never look fancy — no matter what you wear them with — but you can make flannels appear a bit dressier by wearing them over stylish mini-dresses. The mini dress will help you exude a more chic, sophisticated vibe than a T-shirt or pants.

Add a vest

Do you want to add more dimension to your flannel ensemble? Try adding a stylish vest! Adding this extra layer to your outfit will help your look stand out for a more modern, unique appearance. Furthermore, the vest will help you feel even warmer on chillier days, which will be helpful if you plan on wearing flannels in the winter.

Flaunt a bright look

Your 2023 flannel ensemble doesn't have to be as dark and edgy as it might have been in the '90s. If you're going for a classic grunge look, you should stick to darker hues, but we enjoy exploring brighter options for more modern looks. For instance, rocking a red flannel over a bright red top and matching shoes creates a fun, upbeat outfit.

Go ultra-grunge with an oversized option and ripped jeans

While it's fun to experiment with brighter colors for a cute modern vibe, you can't go wrong with a darker, edgier look if you enjoy genuine grunge styles. To show off a super trendy grunge look, wear an oversized flannel with destroyed jeans to channel the classic grunge spirit. Consider purchasing a flannel from the men's section next time you go shopping or buying a larger size than you usually wear for a truly oversized look.