Adding Baby Powder To Your At-Home Waxing Routine Is A Total Game Changer. Here's Why

When it comes to maintaining the look we want, getting rid of the excess hair on our bodies is admittedly the most consistent inconvenience we face. Because pesky hair shows up on our faces, necks, under our arms, and on our legs, maintenance keeps people busy. If you've ever sought professional waxing services, you know that the cost can add up. This is why many people have turned to at-home waxing treatments to stay on top of it.


At-home waxing is becoming more accessible, but it can be a tricky task to get the best results. However, a household staple can help. If you've had a waxing treatment that went wrong or if you've tried to wax at home and didn't have much luck removing all of the hair you needed to, then you may want to add baby powder to your routine. It is absolutely a game-changer for your skin and hair.

How to apply

Most at-home waxers know the process to prepare their skin for waxing by heart. To keep your skin healthy and happy post-waxing, you need to prepare the skin. This is where the baby powder comes in. Before waxing, properly clean the skin. Exfoliate well to get rid of any dirt or dry skin. This also helps to make the skin around the hair more supple, allowing easy and effective hair removal. Once your skin is exfoliated, use oil to soothe the skin that you will be waxing.


Instead of applying wax to the area after using oil, sprinkle baby powder on your skin around the area you'd like to wax. The baby powder absorbs oil and other moisture on your skin so the wax can adhere to the hair follicles. Also, for those who worry they've used too much oil after exfoliating, the baby powder will absorb any excess for you. This is a foolproof way to make sure your at-home waxing session is successful.

Why it works

The areas of our skin that we usually wax have sweat glands or sebaceous glands. This makes the area damp and oily. Because the skin in this area can be a bit greasy, it can be difficult to get perfect results from a waxing session. The baby powder will work to soak up the natural oils from your skin as well as the oil you apply after exfoliation so that your hair is easily waxed during your at-home session.


Because of baby powder's effectiveness at soaking up oil, you may be tempted to apply it afterward to do the same with the excess wax left on the skin. Secret Spa warns against this, as it will only clog the pores creating the insurgence of ingrown hairs or increasing the possibility of acne. By using baby powder to prepare your skin for waxing, you'll create a more effective environment for optimal hair removal.