The 369 Method For Manifestation Can Call Your Desires To You

Three, six, nine, the life you design! It sounds very much like a catchy cheer to chant on the sidelines of a sporting event, but in reality, the 369 manifestation method is a technique that might help you achieve exceptionally positive, optimal results in your life. You probably won't become a multi-millionaire overnight, but this method of manifesting your goals and desires has significant potential for improving your outlook and honing your focus on the things you really want to accomplish.

The words manifest and manifestation are variants defined as meaning the action of making something evident, realizing something with certainty, and the ability to be internally understood by one's mind, per Merriam-Webster. Every few years, a seemingly new version of manifestation comes into awareness through pop culture or the wellness industry, but manifestation as a concept has been around for centuries. USA Today reports that principles akin to the modern-day law of attraction concept have been discovered in ancient scriptures from Buddhist and Hindu teachings. The modern 369 method brings together global belief systems, numerology, manifestation, and the basic human pursuit of bringing more joy into your life. The good news is that it's possible to use the 369 manifestation method to elevate your life, and here's how.

The basics of 369 manifestation

The premise of the 369 manifestation method is pretty self-explanatory, though it definitely involves practice to cultivate the skill it takes to reap the benefits of the technique. According to Women's Health, all you need to get started with the 369 method of manifestation is a pen and paper, perhaps a journal to keep things organized, or even a digital app on your phone or word document on your desktop. The basics of the technique are rooted in the numbers three, six, and nine. In a simplified explanation, the 369 method helps to manifest goals, dreams, and self-improvement desires by writing the same affirmation multiple times each day. Specifically, the affirmation you choose should be written three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon or at a mid-day point, and nine times at night. Writing the same affirmation might appear tedious at first, but the process helps to reinforce your goals and ambitions, therefore manifesting the energy of your affirmation within your mind, body, and life.

Choosing an affirmation is just as important as practicing the 369 method when it comes to manifesting the positive changes you hope to create in your life. Healthline recommends personalizing your affirmation of choice since stock phrases and over-generalized affirmations are often ineffective. Craft affirmations emphasizing your unique talents and strengths, like your love of your personality or pride of your contributions at work. The more personalized and specific the affirmation, the more beneficial it's likely to be.

The importance of the numbers

Three, six, and nine might seem like a random collection of numbers, but the theories of the importance of this trio of numbers when it comes to creation, innovation, and, of course, manifestation comes from Nikola Tesla, the famed inventor, who insisted that this specific selection of numbers could serve as a key to unlocking the universe. This thus serves as a basis for laying the foundation of the 369 manifestation method in the realm of numerology, the energetic vibrations carried by the numbers three, six, and nine are symbolic of connecting individuals towards alignment with the universe, per Women's Health. The trio of numbers is also associated with good luck, particularly through upward growth, positive opportunities, and personal empowerment and fulfillment. 

If you want to delve deeper into the numerology at the 369 method's core, each individual number has significance. According to The Manifestation Collective, three is a number linked with universal energy, six is indicative of personal strength and our ability to fulfill our goals, and nine is responsible for dispelling negative energy, negative mindsets, and negative experiences. Moreover, consider that a circle has 360 degrees, and is broken down into simple addition, three plus six equals nine. This isn't just reaching for symbolic numbers but is actually rooted in vortex mathematics, one of the subjects in which Nikola Tesla thrived along with understanding frequency, vibration, and energy. Frame the 369 method as creating a circle of energy in your life. 

How to benefit from the 369 method

There are a few tips that will help you excel at mastering the 369 method of manifestation and reaping the benefits it has to offer in bringing your hopes and desires into your life. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should always prioritize the practices of self love and self compassion. While you should aim to write your affirmation three times each morning, six times mid-day, and nine times before bed, and most philosophies urge an initial period of 30 to 33 days, be kind to yourself if you miss a day or veer away from the method because life gets in the way, advises Gratitude Blog

Yes, it would be great to practice the technique religiously from the onset, but in today's world that isn't realistic amidst the various responsibilities we're all tasked with each day. Instead of being hard on yourself for missing a day, or several days, just pick your notebook up when you have the opportunity to do so and restart your practice of 369 manifestation. Keeping negativity at bay, including negative self-talk, will benefit your goals. To get the absolute most out of practicing the 369 method of manifestation, it's advised that you intentionally try to align your personal outlook, mindset, and energy with feeling hopeful and optimistic. Exuding excitement for the opportunities coming your way through the 369 method will make the technique all the more effective as you manifest your affirmation.