The Contour Bob Is The Chic Do-It-All Look That Highlights More Than Your Hair

Like all beauty enthusiasts, we enjoy learning all the new and trendy contour techniques to leave our faces snatched. But what if we said there's a hairstyle that can help you contour your face without wearing any makeup? This magically helpful hairstyle is a bob variation, which didn't surprise us — not one bit. After all, 2023 has been the year of the bob; the days of worshipping ultra-long locks seem to be over, as chic shorter looks have taken the spotlight, offering low-maintenance cool-girl energy. By rocking a contour bob, not only will you be on-trend, but you'll be doing your face shape a favor.

Contour novices may want to try this hairstyle, and so might busy people who don't have the time to contour their faces every morning. The contour bob will "use the shape of the haircut to enhance the face shape ... The contour bob is worn behind one or both ears to lift and 'snatch' the cheekbone giving a crisper and sharper, lifted appearance to the face," Tom Smith, a successful hairstylist and trend forecaster, told Glamour UK. Therefore, anyone who enjoys a contoured look should consider getting a bob and tucking it behind their ear — or ears — to accentuate their face shape.

Celebrities rock this hairstyle

Many ultra-famous models and actresses are exploring the contour bob, as the super-flattering hairstyle had been around before it acquired such a defining name. For instance, the beloved Zendaya flaunts contour bobs, and did so even before 2023 began. The controversial yet stunning Hailey Bieber frequently leans into her sharp features with contour bob hairstyles too. Other celebrities who have posted while rocking variations of this hairstyle include Sarah Hyland, Kourtney Kardashian Barker, and Maude Apatow.

Look as sharp as possible with straight hair

As previously mentioned, the contour bob is primarily about sharpening your features and drawing attention to your cheekbones. If you're truly hoping to achieve a crisp, sleek appearance, you can never go wrong with straight hair. A straight bob will make the contour effect even more prominent, helping you achieve that desirable snatched look.

Try a contour 'job'

The trendy "job" haircut is perfect for anyone who likes short, low-maintenance haircuts. This jaw-length bob will look great tucked behind your ear or ears as an edgier spin on the contour bob. Thus, anyone who wants to show off an intense, shorter twist on the contour bob should consider opting for a contour jaw-length bob.

Go glam with a contour lob

On the other hand, you can never go wrong with a long bob. A contoured lob will provide a more glamorous effect, as that slight extra length will add a chic, girly touch. All face shapes look good with these shoulder-length bobs, so they're excellent options for everyone. If you desire a glamorous, slightly softer look that will still snatch your face, try wearing your contour lob in a wavy hairstyle — you'll look so beautiful!