'Spiritual Baths' Are The Self-Care Ritual You Didn't Know You Needed

Water has long been symbolic of our inner-emotional realm and is often used to cleanse and refresh our energetic state. Beyond just a basic bath, the ancient practice of a spiritual bath is a powerful way to reset the body, mind, and soul. They are also a fairly simple form of self-care that can easily be done at home. Setting an intention for your spiritual bath is key and the goal is to invite in a deeper sense of renewal.


"Simply put, a ritual bath is submerging the body — even just the feet, hands, or head into water — plus intention," healer and author of Ritual Baths, Deborah Hanekamp, told Mind Body Green. Chances are you won't quite understand how you settled for a regular bath after indulging in the lavish rest of this practice. Set aside some designated time when you know you won't be disturbed to fully reap the benefits of this bath by aligning the chakras, removing energetic blockages, and deeply relaxing the spirit.

Gather your supplies

First off, you'll want to make sure your tub and bathroom are clean and tidy. Dim lighting, like from a salt lamp or candles, are ideal to set the tone. You'll want to play some kind of meditative music during your spiritual bath. Healing frequencies, classical, instrumental — whatever brings you into a state of peace.


As you draw your bath, you can add your favorite bath salts, herbs, or essential oils. Something relaxing like lavender, rather than an uplifting citrus scent is probably best. Flower petals can also be added to the water. If you have any healing crystals you'd like to line the bath's edge with, now is a great time to do so. Having a glass of ice water and a cup of hot tea within arm's reach of the tub is another key element to this ritual. If opening a window for some fresh air would help relax you, then go right ahead. This can be particularly refreshing in the colder months when the breeze is crisp.

Set your intention

Once you've set the stage to your liking, it's time to choose an intention for your spiritual bath. You could focus on letting go of the past, honoring yourself and your boundaries, attracting abundance, amplifying your magnetism, or whatever your intuition tells you it's time to focus on. Try deep, rhythmic breathing as you settle into the water, and let the tension from your body be drawn out.


This is a great time to practice visualization, imagining yourself being cleansed and clear in the water, chakras aligned and stress gone. It can be helpful to choose a mantra to keep your intention at the forefront of your mind. Once you feel content with the meditative focus you've applied to your intent, relax and enjoy the calm, quiet atmosphere you've created for yourself. You could opt to make spiritual baths a regular part of your weekly self-care routine — or draw one whenever you feel the need to.

Incorporate healing crystals

Lining your tub or the bathroom counter with an assortment of healing crystals can really illuminate their power during your spiritual bath. If you aren't sure where to start, here are a few crystals that are particularly soothing. Rose quartz eases the tension of the heart and can also rejuvenate the skin. It's a great option to revitalize your youthful energy and reset your nervous system. A rose quartz facial roller would be an excellent choice for a spiritual bath. Clear quartz could also be utilized for its ability to cleanse the aura and strengthen psychic abilities (via tocrystal).


Carnelian and citrine are both protective crystals and their golden-orange hue is connected to the root and sacral chakras. These crystals are efficient in boosting self-esteem and self-worth. Amethyst can regulate your temper and connect you to your highest self, from where you can make the best decisions. The deep violet crystal can also boost the immune system, ease headaches, and help the digestive tract. The beautiful iridescence of moonstone represents new beginnings and is the perfect stone for cleansing. This crystal will align you with your feminine energy and encourage a sense of deep ease. Serenity can be expected from the powerful moonstone.

Chakra alignment

Once you've settled into your spiritual bath and set your intention, doing a chakra cleansing meditation can improve your emotional balance and help center the mind. To align the seven chakras through meditation, spend about a minute focusing on each chakra, starting with the root chakra at the base of the spine. Visualize the chakra as a spinning wheel that gains vivacious energy as it turns. Imagine all stagnancy and negativity being released from the chakra and work your way up from the root to the crown chakra.


Remember to focus on the color of each chakra and what it represents. The root or first chakra is red and connects us to the earth. The sacral chakra is orange and represents pleasure and sexuality. The third chakra or solar plexus is yellow and rules our self-confidence. The fourth chakra or heart chakra is green and of course, represents matters of the heart. The blue fifth chakra is the throat chakra and is deeply connected to our self-expression and communication. The indigo sixth chakra is the third eye chakra and represents our perception of the world. And finally, the crown chakra is either white or violet and is connected to our enlightenment (via Anahana).

Post spiritual bath

When you've completed your spiritual bath ritual and feel ready to get out, imagine all the old, stagnant energy you've rid yourself of being washed down the drain with the water. This is a key component of the process. When scheduling a spiritual bath, it's best to make sure you don't have any obligations afterward and can relax for the remainder of your day — whether you're climbing into bed, taking a peaceful walk, or relaxing with a loved one. This will allow the benefits of your spiritual practice to soak in, integrating into your mindset. You'll likely feel a revived sense of optimism and clarity the following day.


It may be helpful to store your spiritual bath tools in a safe basket, where they will be readily accessible the next time you feel it's time for a deep cleansing. Reflecting with a journal entry or oracle card reading after your bath could also help solidify the ritual for you.