Duck Nails: The Divisive Nail Shape That's Definitely Not For Everyone

From unicorn nails to every iteration of the French manicure to outlandish nail art like bubble nails and spiral nails, nail trends come and go. This year's nail trend wildcard is shaping up to be one with a shape as comical as its name — duck nails. The manicure is named after the humble duck, thanks to its flared, wide tip that resembles the shape of the waterfowl's foot.

Not sure about this unorthodox nail trend? Don't worry. We aren't either. But we have scoured the internet for the best examples of duck nails to help you decide. If you're an adventurous soul, find your favorite version and take it with you to your favorite nail technician to get the look. If you decide to pass on this one in favor of a more muted trend, take a moment to check out milky white nails for your spring mani vibe instead. 

Black and white French tips

If there was an awards show for nail trends, French tips would win the most versatile manicure every year. A black and white color theme lends a classic spin to a very modern, somewhat off-the-wall trend. For an extra bit of flare, add a full-patterned accent nail on each hand. 

Fuzzy bubble gum pink duck feet

Ready to go all out on the duck nail trend to usher in the warmer weather? You can't go wrong with cheery bubble-gum tips — but that's not all. Add some extra texture with velour dots. If you still feel like more is more, request a cute little animal or cartoon character on one nail. 

Stars and (tiger) stripes

Not every manicure has to feature rosy pinks or traditionally feminine hues. Dramatic deep "V" French tips on a neutral base can make a combination like black and multiple yellow tones really pop. From flames to stars to tiger stripes, this bold palette screams summer sun. 

Spring pastels and neutrals

What better way to celebrate spring than pastel florals and tiny pearl enhancements? The wide flare of a duck nail provides more space for colors, patterns, and nail art. For balance, mix in a few nails that feature a nude base and a neutral brown, black, gray, or white tip.