The Edgy Leather Everything Trend Isn't Going Anywhere This Spring

Leather quickly emerged as a major fashion trend for 2022's fall and winter seasons. As spring now moves into full swing, it has become abundantly clear that the trend will definitely be sticking around for 2023's warmer seasons as well. While it's easy to see how wearable fierce, edgy, warm leather can be during the colder months, imagining the less-than-breathable material taking over the fashion scene in the spring and summer is a bit more difficult.

There's no need for either leather lovers or novices to fear, however. With just a bit of boldness and creativity, it's actually quite easy to style leather for warmer weather. Here are a few of the hottest (no pun intended!) leather looks to try out for yourself this spring and summer. Choose your favorite look as inspiration and then go out and recreate your own version using the genuine or vegan leather of your choice. 

Short puff sleeve button up

Leather doesn't have to be limited to jackets, pants, and boots. If you're looking for a versatile leather piece to start with for your new spring and summer wardrobe overhaul, a short puff sleeve button up is a excellent choice. Wear it to work, brunch with the girls, on a first date, or literally anywhere. 

White leather

Leather is most often seen in dark colors like black, brown, and burgundy. If you plan to spend any time outdoors in the spring or summer, these shades can absorb a significant amount of sunlight. Opting for white leather instead can help reflect the sun's rays and avoid overheating while you strut your stuff in your warm weather leather. 

Classic mini-skirt

There's really no way to go wrong with a classic leather miniskirt. Dress it up with a tucked silk tank and pumps, dress it down with a cropped band tee and chucks, or find a look anywhere in between. This is a staple that's virtually impossible to mess up. 

Sleeveless jumpsuit

Are you the type that likes to fully embrace a trend? Try your hand at a black sleeveless leather jumpsuit. Go with a strappy sandal or open-toed pumps. Between those and the bare arms, you'll be able to rock head to toe leather without overheating. Bonus points for adding some bold statement pieces mixed in with your staple jewelry

Peplum tank

If you haven't already heard the news, the early aughts peplum silhouette is back in a major way this year. Combine a peplum tank with soft, stunning leather and you get a double-fierce trend. Pair with a pencil skirt or form-fitting pants to balance the bulkier fabric of the top. 

Booty shorts and crop tank

Whether you're headed to the gym or off to sip cocktails on a patio somewhere with your friends, there's nothing wrong with showing a little skin in the summer. A simple leather crop tank or sports bra and matching short shorts will have all the boys (and girls) flocking to your yard in no time. 

Bodice dress

Who says you can't look edgy and dressed up at the same time? A leather bodice dress checks all the boxes; it's form-fitting, glamorous, and leaves enough skin bare to keep you cool in warm weather. Look for one with a high side slit or two for optimum ventilation.