All The Hair Colors That Look Amazing With Blue Eyes

Blue eyes have fascinated and mystified people for centuries. Be it from the fact that they are one of the rarer eye colors in the world or that most blue eye shades are simply captivating — especially when blue eyes are paired with the best eyeliner colors — there's no denying that blue eye tones all the way from bright and icy to deep and oceanic catch our attention, to say the least.

But for those of us who were born with what is actually considered by scientists to be a genetic mutation — as all humans' eyes were originally brown — it can be quite difficult to decide on which hair color to ask for when we're in the salon chair. Should you opt for that rich, dark color to add some contrast? Or should you go for something lighter to keep things bright?

Well, the good news is that pretty much any hair color can be pulled off by all of you blue-eyed beauties out there. However, just like the other eye shades of the world, some certainly just seem to look better than others. Let's explore exactly which hair hues will have you — and those baby blues — turning heads and making statements.

Bright blond

Blue eyes and blond hair going together might seem like a bit of a given, but depending on which shade of blue your eyes are, the brightness level and undertone of your hair are going to be everything when it comes to making baby blues pop. Bright blond is especially flattering on icy blue eyes because they're so bright and clear that it's striking to the eye.

Copper or strawberry blond

Remember all of those color theory lessons from art class? Probably not, so let us fill you in. On the color wheel, the colors that face each other are considered complementary. So, what's across from blue on the color wheel? None other than the warm, vivid orange. Naturally, because orange is blue's contrasting color, pairing orange tones with blue eyes allows the two to pop and enhance each other's beauty even more.

Classic ombré

Both brown hair and blond hair look fantastic with blue eyes. Can't decide on which one to go for? Why not go for both with a classic ombré look? The best part about an ombré is that you can play around with different shades and explore which combinations you like best to enhance your features.

Cocoa brown

Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Zooey Deschanel — we've all seen the powerful beauty that blue eyes in conjunction with a rich, deep, chocolatey shade of brown can pull off. Because blue eyes are such a light-colored eye, even if you have dark blue eyes, the darkness and warmth in cocoa brown makes the eyes stand out like no other.

Lilac purple

If natural hair colors aren't your thing, look no further than some enticing shades of purple if you're a blue-eyed babe. Purple and blue are adjacent to each other on the color wheel because they are both cool shades. Unlike complementary colors that pair together cool and warm tones, two cool tones put together simply just mesh as one and look magnificent.

Honey blond

Honey blond is a warm shade of blond that sparkles with hints of amber, chestnut, light brown, and even red in certain lighting — all the colors you can imagine shining through a jar of honey on a bright, sunny day. The warmth in honey blond contrasts with the cool, icier tones in blue eyes and makes a delightful pairing.

Raven black

Black hair and blue eyes are kind of like cocoa brown hair and blue eyes in how the darkness counteracts the lightness of your eyes, but black hair takes the contrast a step further. Black, interestingly enough, is neither a warm nor cool color. Instead, it acts as both: warm as a perfect contrast to cool blue eyes and cool as an icy compliment to blue hues.

Ashy brown

Also called "mushroom brown" hair, ashy brown is a shade that is cool with gray undertones of green, blue, and violet. Ash meshes so beautifully with blue eyes because of how smoky it is, and smokiness is a trait that many shades of blue eyes embody. Think about how standout your eyes look when you apply a sultry smokey eye or a smudged-out charcoal-colored eyeliner; the same principle applies here.

Sophisticated silver

Silver hair is very similar to ashy brown when it comes to complimenting blue eyes. The primary undertone is ash, and it's basically just a very light blond that strongly reflects that ash and silver. All of that coolness, in conjunction with the coolness in blue eyes, is an instant setup for gorgeous success.

Ginger brown

Ginger brown is somewhat of a cross between copper and a nice, warm brown shade. Not quite as rich as auburn, which also looks incredible with blue eyes, ginger brown is a great way to go if you're not willing to commit to the full vibrancy of copper or deeper auburn shades; it keeps things natural while adding just a hint of something special to help those eyes stand out.

Fiery red

Red is undeniably close to orange, blue's complimentary color, on the color wheel, so it falls in that same family of cool-contrasting warm tones. In fact, when you opt for a mixture of both red and orange in your hair, the result is going to be even more magnified when helping the eyes pop.


Mahogany — or chestnut, auburn, or whatever you'd like to call it — is a hair shade similar to the rich-colored wood it's named after. Plainly, mahogany is a deep hue with shades of both red and brown — you could even add in some hints of gold to warm it up. Still leaning more on the brunette side than the redhead side, mahogany is a superb choice for a more natural shade that incorporates a red touch.