Denim Boots Are Trending — Here's How To Flaunt Them

Ever since we got a glimpse of J.Lo's tall, slouchy denim boots paired with an oversized white button-down shirt, we've been a bit obsessed with denim boots. Now, denim boots in all forms are trending on our social media feeds, and while it may bring to mind Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's matching all-denim ensembles from the Y2K era, we still can't help ourselves.

Denim boots come in all shapes and styles, from mid-calf and ankle boots to wear alongside your favorite pair of jeans to sexy, thigh-high denim boots perfectly paired with dresses, skirts, and shorts. Plus, there are so many ways to style a pair of denim boots that you can go as denim minimal or denim crazy as you desire. Your denim boots can be the only denim part of your outfit, or they can be part of a full-on denim ensemble. Choose to accessorize with a belt or matching handbag, or go minimal and let your boots do not only all the walking but also all the talking. We've thought of 20 ways to flaunt a hot pair of denim boots this season.

Wear with oversized button-downs

When Jennifer Lopez first wore a pair of slouchy, thigh-high denim boots from Versace's "Resort 2019" collection, everyone took notice. While her look made headlines because her boots — adorned with a belt — looked as if they were taking the place of her jeans, it's a seriously cool look. Pairing thigh-high boots with white creates a stark, yet elegant, contrast that puts the focus on your boots — why not let these boots do all the talking? Find yourself a white shirt dress or oversized white button-down to don as a dress, and you're all set.

Display over tights

We love the look of denim boots — especially a pair of mid-calf boots as seen in the photo above — paired with tights. Pair your denim boots with nude stockings or with black tights for a stark contrast that adds a bit of an edge. We love the all-black ensemble, as seen in the pic, where the denim boots add just a pop of color.

Pair with head-to-toe denim

You might be hesitant to go all the way with denim, but you shouldn't be. Go for a matchy-matchy look of denim boots, jeans, and a denim shacket, as seen in the photo. If this look makes you want to avoid your denim pieces for days, try adding just one or two other pieces of denim instead. Pair denim boots with your favorite jeans and a flannel button-down for contrast, or substitute the jeans for black or white pants and a denim button-down shirt, thereby breaking up the denim but still playing it up a bit.

Don with denim shorts

While you may lean toward slipping on a pair of flip-flops or sandals when wearing denim shorts, a pair of boots or booties up the cool factor of your outfit. We love the look of pairing mid-calf denim boots or ankle booties with jean shorts and a cute top, which also shows off your legs, as seen in the pic above. She's surely having a good time, and, in this outfit, you will, too.

Dress up oversized hoodies or tees

When pairing your denim boots with an oversized t-shirt, you instantly dress up a basic tee or oversized hoodie — while still keeping it totally casual — and make an entire outfit from it. If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of wearing a t-shirt or hoodie as a dress, there are other ways to achieve this look. Just find a simple, casual shirt dress in a solid color, and you can achieve a similar look while feeling like you didn't leave your pants at home.

Add a pop to monochromatic ensembles

A great thing about denim boots is that they are an easy way to add a pop of color to a monochromatic outfit. If you feel that wearing an all-black ensemble, for example, is too much, that's where denim boots come into play. Go for a pair of thigh-high, slouchy boots as seen in the pic, or find a pair of denim ankle booties to add just a hit of fun to your outfit. You really can't go wrong.

Don with denim mini dresses

Denim dresses are super cute, and, when choosing what shoes to wear with them, a pair of denim boots is a perfect choice. Whether your denim mini dress is super mini or closer to knee length, you can't go wrong pairing it with denim boots. Knee-high boots similar to the ones from the photo above work well as do mid-calf or ankle boots. And, just because you're wearing a dress doesn't mean you can't opt for comfort and don a pair of boots with kitten heels — or none at all. 

Dress up graphic or band tees

Band tees and graphic tees are all the rage now. They're a casual, fun way to express yourself. Pair yours with leggings, jeans, or denim shorts, like Gigi Hadid did in the photo above; then add a pair of denim boots to match. Hadid's denim combat boots lend a casual vibe. A similar look can be achieved with a pair of ankle or mid-calf boots — heel or no heel, that's up to you. If you're feeling daring, pair your rocker tee with tall, thigh-high boots for some added glam with an edge.

Add layers of denim

Denim is great for layering. A common look similar to the one in the photo is to pair your denim boots with jeans, a denim shirt, and a denim jacket on top, whether cropped or oversized. The color variations of the denim give added dimension and break up the look. So, don't be afraid to mix denim washes — dark, medium, light, and even acid-wash can all work well together and add some interest.

Pair with a blazer

Blazers are no longer just for work; they're just as much for play these days, so don't be hesitant to mix one with your denim pieces. That goes for denim boots as well. Keep it casual and conservative with a pair of jeans — whether skinny, straight-leg, boyfriend, or high-waisted — a tank or tee, denim mid-calf or ankle boots, and top it off with a cute blazer. Or, if the occasion calls for it, go for a sexier vibe by swapping out your jeans with denim shorts and tall denim boots, like the pic above.

Sport a shirt dress and jacket

You know we love a cute, casual shirt dress, which works fabulously well with a pair of denim boots. But if you're looking to add some pizzazz to your ensemble while also wanting to keep warm, throwing a cute jacket on top is an easy way to do it. This outfit can be easily dressed up or down depending on the jacket you choose. Pick a bomber jacket for a more casual vibe, or opt for a leather jacket if you want a bit of an edge. 

Wear with a jumpsuit

We have become obsessed with jumpsuits, and who can blame us? Grabbing an outfit that's all one piece makes it so easy to decide what to wear in the morning! Pair your denim boots with a casual matching denim jumpsuit as seen in the photo. Your jumpsuit doesn't have to be denim; mix it up by pairing your denim boots with a jumpsuit in a solid color of a different fabric. 

Give a peek from underneath

If you're new to wearing denim boots, you may not be ready to fully show them off. That's totally fine; during the cooler winter months, a long coat that ties at the waist is a great way to keep warm while allowing everyone to get a tiny glimpse of your awesome denim boots. It'll add a fun pop of color to a long coat that's likely in a neutral color.

Sport with mini skirts

If you're not afraid to show some skin, pairing denim boots with a mini skirt is a perfect way to do it. Go matchy-matchy with a denim mini, and show some extra skin with a cute crop top. Denim boots are seriously versatile — a thigh-high, slouchy pair, as seen in the pic above, or a pair that comes to your mid-calf or ankle works just as well. A pair of denim boots really is the accessory you didn't know you needed.

Pair with corsets

Denim corsets have been trending, and if you're dying to wear the one you bought but have no idea what to wear it with, we're here to help. Coordinate your corset with a pair of denim boots, and break up the blues with a skirt or pair of pants in a different color, such as black or white, as seen in the photo. Have even more fun by adding a coordinating denim handbag, and you're ready to rock.

Style with a belted dress

You know we're all about denim-on-denim, but sometimes you want a little something to break it up. This is where accessories come into play! For a day or night out, wear a denim dress with a pair of denim boots. Then add a belt. A solid color works well, as in the brown belt seen in the photo. This is also a good opportunity to wear that funky patterned belt that's been hanging in your closet — by pairing the belt with all denim, you don't have to worry about anything clashing.

Display with a denim handbag

With all kinds of pieces available in denim, you can choose denim for just your accessories. For example, if your denim boots are super fun and anything but basic, like the fringed pair pictured above, you may just want to keep the focus primarily on your boots. Still, that doesn't mean you can't get a bit more creative. Add a cute denim handbag to match, and you're good to go!

Pair with denim maxi skirts

When pairing denim boots with skirts and dresses, let's not forget about maxi skirts and dresses. Long skirts and dresses can be paired just as easily, and show just a hint of your denim boots peeking out from underneath. When pairing with a denim maxi skirt, we especially love the elongated, pointed-toe and skinny heel of these boots, giving a super feminine vibe.

Wear with flowy prints

We haven't talked a whole lot about prints so far, but this doesn't mean they can't be paired with denim — they most certainly can. For the warmer months, we love a feminine, flowy, floral print maxi skirt, as in the look pictured in the photo above. Add a pair of sleek pointed-toe denim boots along with a coordinated cropped denim jacket to keep the primary focus on your showstopping printed skirt.

Style alongside anything slouchy

When it comes to today's hottest denim looks, slouchy rules. Find a pair of slouchy denim boots to pair with tights or leggings, or choose a pair of pants with a little slouch. Now that skinny jeans no longer rule the denim scene, opt for a slouchy pair of cargo jeans — one of the top 10 denim trends to rock in 2023 — as seen in the photo above. Top it off with a blazer, and you've got a casual cool outfit that's versatile enough to take you from casual Fridays at work to happy hour.