Chocolate Milk Mani: The Sweet Nail Trend To Mix Up Your Look

If you occasionally opt for a tortoise shell manicure or a glazed donut color, then you might have tried out various shades of brown nail polish. Whether you've perfected those techniques and want to try something new or are looking for a style that's both simple and sophisticated, then you should definitely give the trendy chocolate milk manicure a go.

Boasting tones of brown that are on the lighter side as well as ones that are deep and dark, the look can also feature added flair which puts a modern twist on a classic style. "The chocolate nail trend is a '90s revival mani meets the on-trend color of the season," vice president of content for the nail-focused brand Olive & June Olivia Van Iderstine told Byrdie. "Chocolate brown is a trendy shade, and it's a super wearable way to wear a darker mani for fall and winter."

On the other hand, it can also be an ideal choice for hotter weather thanks to the fact that you can opt for warmer shades of brown as well as accents that are even lighter. While at least one person on TikTok opted to use the real beverage to achieve the look, you can simply use nail polish in the stunning shades below if you want to try out this sweet nail trend, which looks as good as it sounds.

Light chocolate milk manicure

If you just want a taste of this trend, then you can start off with a light chocolate milk manicure. With a shade of brown that looks like a dash of chocolate syrup has been mixed with milk, it will suit pretty much any length of nails and may be relatively subtle but is also undeniably chic. Although this color obviously looks incredible with a glossy shine, it would be just as lovely in a matte version. On top of that, it's a shade that complements other colors, such as creamy white and royal blue.

Caramel chocolate milk mani

Anyone who has a sweet tooth will likely agree that caramel is a delightful treat that pairs perfectly with chocolate. That's not to mention a delicious caramel drizzle in a cool cup of chocolate milk. The same can surely be said about the two hues. In this case, that means a brown chocolate milk shade that has hints of a light and somewhat bright caramel color. Featuring a finish that is smooth but not shiny, this would be an ideal option for anything from a casual look to something that's much more formal.

Classic chocolate milk manicure

Chocolate milk is the kind of beloved beverage that can stand alone due to its delectable flavor. In the same (but clearly kind of different) way, a classic chocolate milk color can also be all you need to nail the effect you're after with this mani. A medium-range tone that's not too light or dark, it can be surprisingly versatile and work with various outfits. That's not to mention the fact that it will flatter nails that are either long and round, short and square, or a lengthy stiletto shape.

Rich chocolate milk mani

When you're craving a refreshing glass of chocolate milk, you might want to indulge in one that's wonderfully rich. The color that will end up in a cup of the decadent drink is the same that you might want to consider for your manicure. As luscious as the kind of fine Belgian chocolate that's adored by connoisseurs, this color would enhance a style that's just as lavish. On the flip side, this enticing shade could also be seen as an earthy nail color which means that it would suit forest green ensembles and ocean blue accessories.

Dark chocolate milk mani

Dark chocolate may be a debatable subject when you're talking about how it tastes. However, it's hard to imagine anyone not loving this shade of dark chocolate brown when used for a manicure. Deliciously deep with a glossy top coat that's worthy of a fine dessert, dark chocolate is another color that would look amazing with a flat matte finish. Try it both ways and you may find that you love them equally (although we may not be able to say the same when it comes to actual dark chocolate).

Contrasting chocolate milk mani

You don't have to choose between two kinds of chocolate milk; you can enjoy it however you want it. When it comes to your mani, you can also pick out two kinds of brown shades that make you smile. Mix things up by having your middle two fingers painted a darker color along with your thumb. The remaining nails can be given a lighter hue. If you want a little extra pizzazz, then you can pop a pair of tiny hearts on your nails in the contrasting shade or something entirely different.

Ombré chocolate milk mani

If you're intrigued by the idea of using two different colors in your chocolate milk manicure, then you might also want to try out an ombré style with various shades of brown. Start with the darker color at the base of your nails to anchor the look before you work your way to the end while creating a gradient effect that gets lighter along the way. You can decide how dramatic you want the change to be, however, if this is new for you then it's probably best not to make it too complicated.