Ballgame Aesthetic: A Fashionable Guide To Dressing For A Baseball Game

Baseball season is up and running, making it the perfect opportunity to refresh your summer sports wardrobe. Dressing for sports games is a bit of a brain teaser for fashion-oriented fans. You want to look cute without being overdressed or out of place in the casual atmosphere of a stadium. Baseball adds another twist to the challenge by taking place outdoors, where you'll have to anticipate the summer heat and sweaty crowds.

The default femme baseball aesthetic is often leggings and a T-shirt. This kind of outfit is totally fine and if it's your preferred style, you're all set. However, if you want to elevate your ballgame look — either for a baseball date or your own gratification — the world of sports spectator fashion extends far beyond athleisure wear. With just a few basic pieces that you probably already have in your closet, you can put together a stylish baseball ensemble that's comfortable for the game and worthy of the 'gram.

Show team spirit

When you're going to a baseball game, the best way to dress for the occasion is to show your team spirit with some sporty style. Bring out your team T-shirts, jerseys, and baseball caps. You can make a jersey feel more stylized by tying it into a cropped look, or wearing it open over a tank top. In lieu of merchandise, you can also incorporate team colors. If your team's colors are too harsh or loud for your tastes, swap them out for a toned-down, pastel variation.

Stick to shorts or jeans

A ballpark is not the ideal place to show off your new summer mini dress. You'll be climbing over seats and going up and down steps while at the game, so a skirt could make things a little awkward. Instead, stick to a flattering pair of shorts or cropped jeans. If your standard denim cutoffs feel too basic, experiment with a high-waisted, longer pair for a subtle '90s throwback.

Stay cool

If you're going to a baseball game in the middle of the summer, prepare for it to get sweaty. Baseball games can last a long time and not every seat in the ballpark will be under shade. Focus on thin, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. For evening games when it gets chilly, bring a lightweight oversized button-up as a stylish alternative to the typical hoodie.

Wear cute and practical sneakers

Ensure that your ensemble is appropriately casual and practical by wearing classic white sneakers. Not only are they the best shoe for traversing the stadium to get that snack you craved, but they'll also protect your toes from that inevitable drink spill. For an offbeat vibe, try a chunky pair of sneakers that fall somewhere between dadcore and the Y2K trend.

Sunglasses are a ballpark necessity

At some point during the game, the sun will be in your eyes, so come prepared with your favorite pair of sunglasses. You can go for oversized sunglasses or teeny tiny ones, either way, you'll have the energy of an off-duty model spotted at the big game. Sunglasses are also a great chance to add a pop of color to an otherwise low-key outfit, so don't hesitate to be bold with this accessory.

Don't forget your purse

Be sure to include a bag with your outfit. A small crossbody purse or belt bag can carry the essentials and allow you to have your hands free to cheer for your team and enjoy your favorite ballpark snacks and beverages. Don't leave the purse as an afterthought — consider the color and texture of your bag as an integral part of your ensemble when planning your look. For instance, you can match the bag with your shoes or use it as a color-blocking piece.

Keep it simple

Above all, keep your outfit simple. If you're worried about what to wear to a baseball game, remember that the key to looking cute is feeling confident and comfortable on the inside. Choose your favorite lightweight pieces and pair them with your best summery, sporty accessories. When in doubt, stick to a single neutral color and one bright accent color for a cohesive look. Going to a baseball game is all about relaxing and enjoying the summer sport, so aim for a fun, playful style and you're sure to have a ball.