Fating Is The Dating Trend With Health Benefits

Dry dating, workout wooing, infla-dating, and now fating. What will they think of next, and who comes up with these phrases anyway? Fating is one of the latest dating trends of 2023, according to My Imperfect Life, and no, the term has no connection with fate. It's a combination of "fitness" and "dating," and it's very similar to workout wooing in that it involves dating and exercising at the same time.


So instead of grabbing the little black dress and black stilettos for date night, you can sport a pair of Asics with that overpriced but super cute Lululemon outfit. And although fitness studios aren't exactly in the business of fostering romantic relationships, some (including Orangetheory Fitness) offer partner workouts, giving you the opportunity to exercise, connect, and support each other simultaneously.

Unsurprisingly, fating comes with a number of health perks that other dating trends don't, since exercise is one of the primary focal points. These include physical and mental health benefits that might leave you wondering why fating hasn't always been a thing.

The mental health benefits

Being physically active, even at a moderate level, can improve the health of your brain and your overall mood. It's not always the first thing people think of, but exercise can enhance your problem-solving, thinking, and learning abilities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It can even lower the risk of dementia and related illnesses.


Exercise also releases endorphins, which trigger that happy feeling in your brain, putting you in a good mood. It can reduce stress hormones, combat anxiety and depression, and improve your sleep as well. So if you and your special someone are both exercising during your dates, you can both enjoy all of these benefits, together.

And let's now forget the confidence-boosting factor. Whether you're curling with 20-pound weights, sprinting at 11 mph on a treadmill, or pulling 400 watts on a rower, these feats are major self-esteem boosters. With your date watching, you'll likely feel even more accomplished and confident about your physical abilities.

The physical health benefits

We've known since elementary gym class how important exercise is to our bodies. It's why we were forced to do all those sit ups, pushups, and jumping jacks. Exercising regularly strengthens our hearts, helps us maintain a healthy weight, strengthens muscles and bones, and lowers blood pressure. It can also prevent or manage certain diseases and health conditions, including type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, according to Mayo Clinic.


When you add a potential love interest to your workout regimen, that's when things get really spicy in the physical benefits department. Just think of every movie or TV show you've ever seen where a boy or girl has a crush. What's something they often do? Try to impress the crush however they can, right? In "A Knight's Tale," it was with William jousting in front of Jocelyn. In the first season of Netflix's "Perfect Match," it was with all the men doing pushups in front of their "matches." With fating, the impressing can be in the form of lifting a little heavier or running a little faster.

Bottom line? Exercising with your date can give you incentive to push yourself a little harder and challenge yourself a little more than you would if you were alone. Plus, you might end up getting a personal record and impressing yourself.