The Zodiac Pairs Most Likely To Go To War With Each Other

Everyone who believes in astrology knows that someone's zodiac sign can help you figure out whether or not you'll get along well with them. Some zodiac signs are ultra-compatible as friends, roommates, co-workers, or romantic partners, such as Capricorn and Cancer. "[Because] Capricorn can hold the weight of their deep emotionality, Cancer feels emotionally safe [and is] drawn to their partner's reliability, discipline, and integrity... Capricorn appreciates Cancer's vulnerability," Colin Bedell, an astrologer, relationship expert, and author, told Brides. That sounds like a pleasant and unproblematic pairing!


However, some zodiac pairs don't get along as well at all. Whether the reason is impatience, a lack of understanding, competitive attitudes, or different outlooks on life, some zodiac signs are more prone to fighting than others, leading to the most chaotic friendships or messy relationships. Here are the zodiac signs most likely to spend more time at war with each other than anyone else.

Stubborn Aquarius and Taurus will argue

An argument may seem inevitable when two super stubborn people are in the same room for too long. That argument might escalate into a fight, which can lead to a war. This type of conflict is most likely to happen when an Aquarius and a Taurus spend too much time together. Since Aquarius famously doesn't care what other people think, they will stick to whatever they believe is the right choice or action, regardless of anyone else's opinion. Meanwhile, everyone who knows anything about astrology is aware that the most notorious Taurus stereotype is that this zodiac sign is brutally stubborn. What then makes the situation worse is that these two signs tend to have opposite opinions.


"Both fixed signs, Taurus and Aquarius are stuck in their ways," Jaime Wright, an astrologer, told PureWow. "Aquarius wants everyone to switch to bamboo straws and Taurus, seeking comfort over all else, refuses because they can't stand the mouth feel." Therefore, a Taurus will likely get annoyed with an Aquarius's constant demand for newness, while an Aquarius will get fed up with a Taurus for insisting on keeping everything too consistent.

Gemini and Pisces have different perspectives

Pisces and Gemini often look at situations differently, leading to a lack of understanding and unavoidable conflict. "Pisces signs use their intuition to guide them, while Geminis use facts," astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle. "This causes conflicts, as they both rationalize matters differently." In other words, Pisces tend to make decisions based on their gut instincts or think with their hearts, and Geminis prefer a more logic-based approach, thinking with their heads and backing their choices with statistics and rationality. Of course, those differing thought processes will lead to trouble.


For instance, Pisces might immediately say yes to donating money to a charity they don't know much about because they think it's the right thing to do and follow that initial gut instinct. However, a Gemini will typically want to know more details about the organization and exactly how the donated money will be used to help the cause before considering donating their money. These opposite perspectives can lead to many disagreements and fights.

Fiery Aries and headstrong Leos get intense fast

Aries and Leo are two confrontational signs that won't back down from a fight and won't care how loud their screaming match gets, whether in their home or in front of an audience in a public setting. "Leo and Aries both have huge egos and that can cause big rifts when one tries to out-alpha the other," Suzie Kerr Wright, an astrologer and psychic medium, told Romper. "Leo is more likely to hold the grudge and Aries will simply think 'glad [they're] out of the way' when a Leo storms off because [their] ego is bruised." Thus, there's no such thing as "friendly competition" between an Aries and a Leo — any competition between these two signs will always be a full-on war.


Leo and Aries are both fire signs, making them naturally intense. So, when they fight, they fight to win, and they don't care who gets hurt in the process. All that fire at once can lead to someone getting burnt, so Aries and Leo are dangerous when together for too long, as they'll likely argue just to argue, leading to a falling out.

Flighty Gemini and punctuality-obsessed Capricorn don't mesh

Geminis have a notorious reputation. So, a Gemini might end up at war with more than one zodiac sign. One of the primary reasons behind that brutal Gemini reputation is a flaky attitude. Not every Gemini is irresponsible, but this sign stereotypically doesn't take already-made plans, promises, and commitments as seriously as many other zodiac signs. A Gemini might ditch you at a party or on a group project and not think of doing so as doing something mean or wrong because they don't view loyalty and following through as crucial, even if you do. This flightiness will most likely anger a Capricorn more than anyone else.


Capricorns are famously dependable, making them excellent employees and life partners. You can always count on a Capricorn to be organized, have everything together, and be ready for anything early. They're always punctual and will never leave you hanging. But Capricorns expect those efforts to be reciprocated, and will likely get angry if you cancel plans or show up late. Therefore, a Gemini's flaky perspective will infuriate a Capricorn, and a Gemini will probably think Capricorns are too rigid and boring.

Libras and Virgos annoy each other

What happens when a cheerful people-pleaser and a stoic perfectionist walk into a room? Nothing great. "As the two signs that straddle the Fall Equinox, Virgo and Libra actually have a LOT in common," astrologer Jaime Wright told PureWow. "At their worst, both can be perfectionists and opportunistic, and when they recognize that in each other? It can be repulsive." A happy-go-lucky Libra will most likely get on a more pensive Virgo's nerves, and they'll deny that they have anything in common because they don't like each other. In a movie, Libra would likely be the popular teenager, constantly surrounded by a sea of friends. Meanwhile, Virgo would be an intellectual loner who would prefer to do their homework alone.


Furthermore, Libras are notorious for struggling to make up their minds, as they have trouble making choices and sticking to them. That indecisiveness will likely agitate a blunt, logical Virgo. So, when Libra keeps changing their mind because they feel like they genuinely can't decide what to do — and won't stop talking about it, a Virgo might get fed up and say something like, "Please just shut up and make up your mind already, it's not life or death!"

Free-spirited Sagittarius and safety-seeking Cancer don't see eye-to-eye

Sagittarius and Cancer are typically too different to understand each other, making it difficult for them to see eye-to-eye. While a typical Sagittarius aims to be out and about, going on adventure after adventure in hopes of finding excitement and new thrills, Cancers prefer comfort and consistency. "The roaming Sagittarius may not be able to provide the emotional dependability that Cancer requires, and the archer can't even sit still long enough to read the Cancer's mind on what they need," Imani Quinn and Ellen Bowles, astrologers and podcast hosts, told Bustle. Honestly, a low-key Cancer might not want to try to keep up with the wild Sagittarius lifestyle.


Moreover, people belonging to the Sagittarius sign tend to avoid commitment, while Cancers often look for long-term friendships and romantic relationships. These differences can cause conflicts even in the talking stage, as a Cancer might get upset with a Sagittarius for talking to multiple people at once without thinking anything of it, while a Cancer will look for exclusivity. A Sagittarius is more compatible with people who understand their desire for adventure and won't try to cuff them too early.

Mysterious Scorpio and extraverted Leo have opposing personas

Scorpios are famous for their enigmatic introverted personas, as they don't talk a lot. But quiet doesn't mean lame or weak, especially when talking about a Scorpio. People belonging to this sign typically keep to themselves but always know what they're doing and how to get what they want. They just don't need to be loud to get your attention because no one can resist that seductive Scorpio style. On the other hand, Leos are loud, extraverted open books. Leos will talk your ear off for hours on end to make people smile and laugh.


That ultra-talkative Leo personality will likely annoy a Scorpio. While the Scorpio might appreciate the attention being on someone else so they won't have to speak, they'll probably get frustrated when someone talks just to talk, which a Leo often does. Plus, Leo's bubbly attitude might come off as overbearing or fake to a more sultry, silent Scorpio, who Leo will probably assume is unfriendly or rude. Those two opposing personas can lead to bad blood, even if it started over assumptions.