Jellies Are Back & Better Than Ever For Summer 2023

Jelly shoes: You either love them or hate them. If you are a hater, give us a chance to show you just how versatile jelly shoes can be. Originally designed to be beachwear, jelly shoes have been around since the 1980s, and today, they are known for their vibrant colors and chunky designs. With '80s trends and '90s trends in fashion returning, it's not surprising that jellies have slowly found their way back into our summer footwear collection.

Since they are lightweight but super durable, jelly shoes have become popular for warmer days, and celebs like Blake Lively and Bella Hadid have shown us how to style them. Because they're waterproof and comfortable, they are the perfect choice for any outdoor activities you have planned for this summer. And yes — some will say that jelly shoes are not the most elegant or sophisticated footwear option, but there's no denying that a pair of jellies add so much playfulness and fun to any look.

Splattered black jellies

You might feel like your first pair of jellies should just be a basic one that can be worn with anything — but that is such a rookie mistake. Your first pair should be a statement piece, something that will take a bland outfit to the next level. If you are wary of bright colors, opt for a black-and-white pair of jelly sandals that work with everything in your closet.

Pointy jelly flats

With the early aughts having a major comeback in the fashion industry, it's not surprising that pointy shoes are trendy again. A great way to rock both trends at the same time is to look for pointy jelly sandals. To make it even edgier, you can opt for clear jellies that will always show off your pedicure and give off Cinderella vibes.

Sparkly lavender jelly heels

Most jellies are made to be super comfortable, which is why they usually don't have a big heel. However, chunky jelly heels also exist, and they are the perfect shoe to wear when you want to channel your inner '90s diva — bonus points if they're glittery, too!

Jelly combat boots

The first thing that pops into our minds when someone mentions jellies is definitely sandals, but jellies exist in many forms. If you're looking for festival fashion this summer, a fun shoe to rock is definitely a pair of chunky jelly combat boots. Since they're so durable and waterproof, your feet will be safe and dry no matter what.

Jelly slip-on shoes

Speaking of jellies that you could totally rock on a rainy day — slip-on ones are comfy and waterproof. Picking a pair in a muted color like maroon but with tons of glitter is an easy way to add a hint of glamour to your outfit. Style them with fun socks for a personal fashion statement.

Super intricate jellies

Since they first came out in the '80s, jellies have certainly come a long way. Today, you can find jelly shoes in almost any style and color — which means there is something for everyone. If you don't like the youthfulness a classic pair of jellies brings to your outfit, consider getting a golden pair with a very intricate and expensive-looking design.

Royal blue jellies

While you can go with a more neutral color, jellies are the best shoe to rock if you want to add a vibrant and eye-catching shade to your outfit. If you want to take things a step further, pair your jelly sandals with a bag of the same color for a more polished and cohesive look.

Jelly slides with a tiny heel

Jelly slides with tiny heels dress up any outfit easily. They usually have a very modern and sleek design that doesn't easily give away the fact that they are actually made from a type of PVC plastic material, which makes them perfect for anyone who doesn't like that classic jellies look.

Matte jellies

Those who prefer an edgier look can go with a chunky matte black jelly sandal that adds a lot of boldness to any outfit. Since they are chunky and have a thicker platform, a pair like this is an excellent choice for any outdoor summer activities. Sandals like these are also a great choice for summer vacation since they are perfect for sightseeing, the beach, as well as nights out.

Hot pink jellies

Hot pink comes back into fashion each summer, and this year with Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie coming out, the hot pink trend will only be even more prominent. Bright pink jellies are a great piece to have in your shoe collection for warmer days, as they can add a pop of color to any monochromatic look.

Foamy jellies

Jellies have evolved so much since the '80s, and today you can get so many different styles of them. A trend we've seen a lot of is foamy jellies that have a slightly thicker and more rounded base to make you feel like you're literally walking on clouds.

Black jelly platforms

Black is always an elegant choice, which is why black jelly slides with a platform are the perfect '90s-inspired choice for anyone who wants a very versatile pair of jelly shoes. Pair them with an all-black outfit for a streamlined and sophisticated look, or put them on with a tee and jeans to dress them down slightly.

Jelly Oxfords

Even if your style is more on the preppy side, you can still enjoy all the durability and comfort a jelly shoe provides. Yes — jelly shoes in an Oxford style exist, too, and they're an excellent piece for spring, summer, and fall. During the warmer months, you can rock them on bare feet, and once it gets colder, you can still rock them over tights.

The classic: jellies + socks

Socks and sandals are definitely a very controversial topic, and they don't always work well together. However, jelly sandals and frilly socks are a match made in heaven, and the two can easily take any outfit from drab to fab. The best part about this trend is that the socks allow you to rock sandals even on those colder spring days.

Futuristic jellies

Since jellies became popular in the '80s, they've had a very traditional and retro look to them. However, there are also modern-looking jelly sandals that look like something we will wear in 2050. If futuristic fashion is your cup of tea, a pair of jelly sandals like these is the perfect choice for you!