The Vivacious Blue Shade You'll Want On Your Nails All Spring Long

If this year has proven anything, it's that even singular colors can become entire trends. We've seen how neon colors, yellow, and pink have become some of the hottest shades to get your hands on. From fashion to beauty, 2023 is all about the power of saturated color. One hue that seems to keep popping into the trends, no matter the season, is cobalt blue. This royal and pigmented tone is different from other blues thanks to its vibrancy. Unlike other blue shades, cobalt blue isn't known for being a calming color. On the contrary, this tone is perfect if you want something loud and bold.

Even though cobalt blue packs a punch, it's fairly easy to create a look around it. You can best emphasize it when using it as a statement tone. Embracing the intensity of cobalt blue on your nails will be the best way to sport your favorite vibrant hue all season long.

Cobalt blue nails

Nothing makes a statement quite like embracing a color in its entirety. Scale back on the designs and leave your nails all cobalt blue for a look that will certainly turn heads. If you want the full effect of this hue, go with a simple cobalt blue color on your nails for something minimalist but bold.

Cobalt blue abstract nails

Abstract nails have been some of the latest designs to take over nail salons. If the cobalt blue color is too overwhelming for you, opt for an abstract design with curves and movement that will scale back the intensity. Not only is this combination fun, but it will give you the best spring vibes, too.

Cobalt blue designs

There are plenty of ways you can create your take on this loud color. The beauty behind cobalt blue is the fact that it blends well with any other color or texture you pair it with. Style your blue design with a silver shimmer, or color block with another vibrant hue for a mixture of trends. If you're torn between two colors, combine them in one design for something personalized as the warmer weather hits.

Cobalt blue French nails

No one can deny that French manicures are the most timeless design you can pick at the salon. It doesn't matter what color you choose for your tips — the overall design will always look elegant and sophisticated. Take the opportunity to add cobalt blue tips to give you a fun yet classic nail design. 

Cobalt blue and shimmer manicures

In 2023, we've seen how shimmers and glazed nails have fiercely taken over the nail trends. While shimmers tend to be reserved for a night out, there's no reason why you can't incorporate this design to bring about a little more fun for the entirety of the spring season. 

Cobalt blue chrome nails

While shimmers, glaze, and other textures have dominated the nail trends, there's one design that stands out from them all. Chrome nails seem to be everywhere and on everyone recently, making them something everyone should try out this year. Give your cobalt nails a chrome finish to get the must-have nail design of the spring 2023 season.