Spring Cleaning Doesn't Just Mean Your House - Your Aura Needs A Cleanse, Too

The concept of spring cleaning is most often associated with literally cleaning your house, sorting through piles of objects that have built up throughout the autumn and winter seasons, and donating clothes to provide them with a second life. However, your unused or unwanted apparel items aren't the only things in need of renewed life. Though you may gift a new beginning to that sweater you bought on sale but haven't worn in three years by donating it to a local charity shop or non-profit organization, your aura can be given the gift of renewal through practices and rituals just as powerful as cleaning out your closet and decluttering your home.

According to Healthline, your aura is the energy within your body and surrounding your body. More or less, your aura can be thought of as a field or bubble of energy in which you exist. Though unseen by the human eye, the energy within your aura can direct your feelings, emotions, experiences, and achievements. Studied for centuries, some ancient medicinal systems categorize a person's aura into seven layers, while other ancient systems assign colors to the net of energy comprising an individual's aura. Utilizing the rainbow acronym you likely learned in grade school, ROYBGIV, the colors of the aura spectrum range from red to keep you grounded, orange to pursue thoughtful adventures, yellow and green for friendly and nurturing relationships, blue and indigo for spiritual curiosity, and violet for wisdom and intellectual pursuits. Here's how to cleanse your aura.

Use your five senses to begin cleansing

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to reset your lifestyle, habits, and daily practices. Since the energy of your aura is literally within and around you, it's an integral part of all habits, practices, and rituals you begin, continue, dismiss, or revamp during your spring cleaning process. It's important to note that the season of spring isn't the only time you can successfully cleanse your aura. In fact, any time you find yourself in a slump, cleansing your aura can produce a boost of refreshment in your life. You may not realize just how interwoven your aura is within other areas of your life and how many wellness practices you may already have established in your daily routine are connected to cleansing your aura.

Just like going for a run or a walk in nature can help to clear your head when you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed, exercise is a way to cleanse your aura as well. Other common practices that can help to cleanse and refresh your aura include journaling to sort through your feelings and thoughts, mindfulness, tea and candle lighting ceremonies, and utilizing your senses to awaken renewed energy within your aura. Through the use of essential oils to stimulate your sense of smell, taking in the flavors while sipping tea, watching a candle's flame dance to its own rhythm, or listening to the sounds of nature, practices involving your senses are some of the easiest ways to cleanse your aura.

Signal new energy through smudging

Smudging is one of the oldest practices for the rejuvenation of your personal energy. Vasanti Health describes smudging as the act of burning sage, which may instantly conjure an image of someone waving a stick of burning sage around a room. The new-age wellness trends involving sage don't deviate far from the ancient practices of smudging, but being knowledgeable about the significance of the relationship between smudging and your aura cultivates deeper layers to the practice. 

With roots in multiple historic ceremonies, the most popular cultural use of smudging has been linked to Native American communities that were grounded in connection with the natural world around them. In the midst of modern life and all of its chaos, we often overlook the natural elements surrounding us within our purviews. To reconnect with nature, smudging uses the burning of certain plants to refresh the energy of a space. In smudging, senses are highly pertinent as one touches, smells, and watches the smoke from the natural elements dissipate.

Smudging doesn't have to be conducted with sage. You might be surprised to learn that other plants are commonly used either in conjunction with sage or entirely on their own. Plants such as cedar, lavender, and sweetgrass are frequently used to dispel negative energy within a space as the smoke they emit floats away, carrying all baggage holding you back with it.

Reframe with liquid sunshine

Cleansing your energy is as much about adopting and accepting the gift of new energetic wavelengths as it is framing the way we embrace the energy within and around us. Smudging is one way to use natural elements to send negative energy away, allowing positive energy to flourish and thrive. To revamp your aura, keep the natural world at the forefront along with the sensations of your five senses, then work on reframing how you see experiences built upon positive wavelengths. 

One way to do this is with weather events often considered to be intrusive, annoying, and unwanted — like rain. Instead of viewing an overcast, humid, and rainy day as an imposition, try making the simple change from viewing the droplets as rain, instead renaming them as liquid sunshine. A modest change in vocabulary can have a great impact on your aura.

Times of India suggests going for a walk in the rain, or merely standing or sitting outside while you take in the feeling of liquid sunshine droplets falling onto your body. Of course, don't go outside if there is a storm or any sign of lightning, thunder, or strong winds. This practice of aura cleansing is meant for moments of light rain when you can safely step outside to experience something we usually run inside to avoid. Like smudging, visualize in your mind the liquid sunshine washing away the negative energy within your aura and leaving bright, sunny energy in its place.

The power of affirmations and mantras

Saying that words are powerful is no understatement ... pun intended! Psych Central reports that our word choices can actually change the chemistry within our brains, so choosing positive phrases can create positive changes within both our auras and our brains. Conversely, using, speaking, thinking, or hearing negative words and phrases can be detrimental or harmful to our wellness. When you cleanse your aura, cleaning out your internal word bank and intentionally choosing to keep words that uplift you is critically important to the process of spring cleaning the energy surrounding you. Through the use of positive word choices for both your internal dialogue and in your conversations with others, you'll emanate positive wavelengths that can beneficially impact not just you but everyone you interact with throughout the day.

According to the Times of India, the reciting of positive affirmations to oneself is an easy and effective way to cleanse your aura. A mantra or affirmation spoken aloud or thought silently to yourself can reframe your aura's energy, including the way you think about yourself and your approach to the present moment and the future. Cleveland Clinic advises choosing a mantra that's unique to you while avoiding toxic positivity. The more often you recite a mantra or affirmation, as well as the longer you maintain this practice over time, the stronger your aura's positive energy will be. Ultimately, you're likely to find your overall well-being and mindset becoming stronger over time, too. 

Cultivate connection through combing

Reciting affirmations is an easy act performed verbally. Equally simple and able to be effortlessly woven into your life is the act of aura combing, a practice that encourages you to become connected to all layers of your unique energy. Sivana East shares that combing is an extremely powerful way to cleanse your aura of negativity, noting it might evoke emotions you've suppressed. Combing can help you connect with your physical body and cultivate gratitude for the vessel that keeps you alive every day. 

To practice aura combing, make certain that your hands are thoroughly washed and dried. For an extra sensational experience, you might choose to use a scented lotion or body spray after your hands have been cleansed. Using your fingertips and palms, begin by running your hands through your hair like a comb, working your way down your body until you reach your feet. As you allow your hands to run down the length of your body, tracing the curves and shapes of each body part, take in the beauty that is inherent within your physical presence.

Aura combing is meant to gather any lingering negative energy through your hands as you go from head to toe, so washing your hands again after the practice is equally as important to rinse off the negative energy you've collected from your body. Make certain that you wash your hands in running water so that all of the negativity can be thoroughly shed.

Use crystals to revitalize your energy

Like practicing smudging, combing, and embracing the simple natural wonders found in the world around us, the spring cleaning of your aura is best conducted simply and with a peaceful mindset. Having a visual reminder that carries with it energetic reactions known to boost respective areas of your aura can help you remain adhered to your journey of aura cleansing and mental refreshing

Crystals of various sizes, shapes, and backgrounds can be the visual and energetic puzzle piece that can bring your aura-cleansing pursuits cohesively together. Hematite is a crystal recommended by Sivana East to protect your aura from the intrusion of negative energy. After you've released negativity through smudging, combing, journaling, exercising, or another activity that brings about clarity of body and mind, you'll want to keep negative energy at bay. A freshly rejuvenated aura doesn't deserve the immediate presence of the uninvited visitor known as negativity, so carrying a piece of hematite on you can create a forcefield barrier to protect you from unwanted forces of negative energy.

Moonstone, larimar, agate, selenite, lepidolite, amethyst, black tourmaline, kunzite, aqua aura, and celestite are other crystals known for their properties in cleansing aura energy, according to Mystic Self. Each has its own properties that make them appealing for different purposes. Amethyst, for example, is believed to turn any negative energy thrown your way into positive energy. Moonstone is known for harmonizing energetic elements, bringing about balance as your aura's layers fuse peacefully together. 

Prioritize your personal relationship with yourself

As you undertake the journey and process of cleansing your aura, you're likely to learn new things about yourself. Through practices like smudging, combing, journaling, and reflecting, you can anticipate new revelations about your goals, values, and what you want out of life. Given that your aura is the energy within and around you, it's a part of your existence just like the organs, bones, and other physical body parts on the inside. 

The more you do to connect with your aura and create intentional harmony within the layers and colors of your aura, the more familiar you'll get with yourself and your unique energy. As this relationship with your aura is strengthened, you'll be better able to notice when your energy begins to feel unbalanced and when you need to take the time to reset your energy, intentions, and connection with your innermost self.

Activities that cultivate mindfulness are essential for harmonizing your aura, including the maintenance needed to remain balanced between cleansing sessions. Practices like meditation, yoga, gardening, and other calming activities can be beneficial in creating a strong sense of mindfulness. Other more unexpected activities like being playful can be just as helpful in maintaining the cleansing of your aura, per Sivana East. Similar to exercising, journaling, and other practices that decrease stress levels, taking the time each day to play or indulge in an activity that brings you joy will keep your relationship with yourself and your aura going strong!