Show Your Toes This Summer With A Classic French Pedicure

Yet another '90s trend is back with a vengeance and this one doesn't quite have everyone on board. French pedicures are showing up all over social media in preparation for summer 2023 and some people have very strong feelings about them. A French pedicure is just like a French manicure, of course, but for your toes. The base of the toenail is painted a pink or nude shade and the tips are painted a classic white or the color of your choice. 

Just like a French manicure, a French pedicure can be customized in a number of ways from colors to nail art, glitter, and glue-on embellishments. If you're not against the idea of French tips on your toes, here are a variety of options to consider for inspiration. Summer waits for no babe; it's time to get those toes sandal ready. Here are the best French pedicure looks we could find. 

Classic French tips

There's a good reason why it's said that a classic never dies. You just can't go wrong sticking to a tried and true look like white tips on a nude base. This pedi matches every outfit you own, looks natural, and manages to elevate your entire aesthetic. 

Gold accents

Ready to embrace the cozy warm vibes of the upcoming summer season? Adding gold glitter to one accent toe on each foot and applying a few warm-toned jewels to each big toe brings warmth and a celebratory mood to your new pedicure that just begs you to go dip your toes into the sand. 


One of the most popular spins on a classic French manicure in 2022 and 2023 is the v-cut French mani, which features tips that peak in the shape of an upside-down letter "v". This variation is easily translated to the toes and the peak naturally provides the perfect place for a single gem, dot, or flower to be applied on each nail. 

Pretty in pink

Many people customize their French tip mani or pedi by switching up the color of the tips. It can be even more fun, however, to keep the tips white and switch out the color of the base instead. Bubble gum pink with white tips is an adorable nod to the joyful, carefree vibe of the warm weather seasons. 

Floral with glitter details

Spring and summer are when Mother Earth's beautiful bounty finally goes back on full display. You can celebrate this by bringing nail art that features flowers, leaves, or vines into your French pedicure. A simple floral design on each big toe and a tiny line of glitter lining each tip makes for an overall look that's seasonal and fun, yet still sophisticated. 

Colored tips

Colored tips might be a common variation of French manicures and pedicures, but that doesn't make them any less cute. If you're going for a summery vibe, choose bold, warm colors like orange, coral, red, and yellow. Don't forget to add a few floral or metallic embellishments for the sun to reflect off on your first beach day of the year.