Vanilla Chrome: The Swoon-Worthy Nail Trend You'll Want As Your Next Manicure

The chrome mani has come a long way since it was first made popular a few seasons ago. Along with the typical high-shine silver chrome nails that we have already gotten used to, many beauty gurus are remixing their chrome nails with bold and vibrant colors. If you're looking to jump onto the chrome beauty trend but are not sure how to incorporate it, the easiest way is through your nails. While silver chrome nails are the original nail trend, you can't limit yourself to one hue. Pops of color are always sources of cheer and happiness, but they don't always go with all of your outfits. The recent vanilla chrome nail aesthetic is a perfect example of why sometimes the best option is the simplest one.

Not your typical vanilla-colored nails, this manicure adds some texture and shine via the chrome finish, resulting in a chicer version of the glazed donut nails trend. Wear them anywhere and in any season because these vanilla chrome nails are not disappearing anytime soon.

Vanilla chrome nails

Vanilla chrome manicures give you the best of two worlds: the beauty of minimalism and the fun of a chrome texture. You can rock these nails to any event and they'll go with any outfit. Since the vanilla color tends to tread on the lighter side, you'll be able to enjoy the chrome effect no matter where you are.

Vanilla chrome nails in different tones

Unlike black nails, vanilla-colored chrome nails can come in various tones. Some prefer to have a more yellow tint, while others prefer a softer cream shade. Other tones of vanilla tread the line between eggshell and beige, making it a versatile manicure that you can work with to find the best tone for you. Between a yellow-tinted vanilla or soft white hue, there are plenty to choose from.

High-shine vanilla chrome nails

Since these chrome nails use chrome powder to get the effect and shine, it's easy to customize the level of chrome that you want. If you want more of a chrome look with a splash of color, simply ask for a hint of vanilla. You can also opt for a vanilla chrome manicure with less chrome finish for a more subtle result.

Printed vanilla chrome nails

Just because you choose vanilla chrome nails, it doesn't mean you can't show off your personality. Add accents and details to your chrome nails to get a personalized nail design. Since this trend is all about the vanilla color, any accent you add on top will be emphasized and highlighted even more. Opt for pops of color, designs, or prints to give you some more fun.

Short vanilla chrome nails

There are certain nail designs that simply don't work with all nail shapes. Some nail trends need more space and length on the nail, while others need less. Vanilla chrome nails give you the flexibility to rock any nail length or shape you want, without having to sacrifice chicness or elegance. Whether you go for short or long, these nails are going to look modern and stylish either way.