Kate Middleton Pulls Off 2023's Hottest Color At Coronation Concert

Kate Middleton, officially known as the Princess of Wales, is certainly not a newbie to being a fashion icon. Since she began dating her now-husband Prince William, she has been touted as having impeccable style and rarely enduring a fashion faux pas.


At the May 7 concert to celebrate the coronation of her father-in-law, King Charles III, the princess kept on with tradition by wearing a perfectly tailored suit and pairing it with her signature joyful spirit. What made her fashion choice of the evening even more astonishing and iconic was the color of the ensemble, a solid shade of bright red, which is quickly becoming one of the hottest color trends of the spring and summer.

The princess's commitment to her role as a senior working royal and her duty to serve the people of the United Kingdom have been represented by her allegiance to British designers, most notably the fashion house of Alexander McQueen. The bright red suit donned by the princess at the coronation concert is a creation of the designer British line, along with countless other ensembles she's worn throughout the years, including her wedding dress. For coronation events, honoring British designers highlights the realm's talents.


When speaking about the Princess of Wales, it's easy to say that she truly is the moment. At the coronation concert, the color of her attire was also the moment and should aptly earn her a double ovation for her iconic style.

The bright red ensemble holds several meanings

The bright red attire worn by the Princess of Wales is significant for numerous reasons, and it's clear that her outfit choice for the coronation concert at Windsor Castle was intentional. Upon first glance, the ensemble looks familiar because she previously wore the same cherry-hued suit at a January event for Shaping Us, the campaign she's spearheading to bring together experts from various fields to create interdisciplinary discussions about early childhood development. Complementing the new monarch's desire to incorporate recycling and sustainability into the coronation events, the princess's bright red clothing choice ties in perfectly with the modernized elements of the historic occasion. 


An additional thoughtful tie to the coronation events has been the patriotism of the princess's color choices. Throughout her appearances for official coronation engagements, she has opted for an apparel palette of red, white, and blue, the trio of colors found within the flag of the United Kingdom. At an appearance at a London pub made jointly between the Prince and Princess of Wales two days prior to the coronation, she adorned a bright red full-length coat that drew the crowd's attention to her. This is the quintessential effect of bright red, a bold shade that instantly leads you to stand out. 

Bright red exudes confidence and radiance

To say that the Princess of Wales pulled off the spectacular shade of bright red, having worn the Alexander McQueen ensemble twice now, would be an understatement. She appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself during the coronation concert, often dancing with her daughter Princess Charlotte, who was seated beside her during the celebratory event.


One aspect of note about the vibrant cherry red shade of Kate's suit, along with the countless other emergences of the color on runways and across the globe, is that it is a hue which propels the wearer to show up with confidence and joy. The princess seemed to have zero difficulty beaming during the musical acts of the concert, which highlights her iconic signature blend of radiance and impeccable fashion taste. As bright red continues to make its mark as one of the year's hottest colors, it's likely you'll find yourself feeling like a princess as soon as you put on a bold ensemble in the equally bold hue.

Keep in mind that other icons have made appearances in bright red since 2023 commenced, including Rihanna's solid crimson vestments during this year's Super Bowl halftime show, during which she confidently rubbed her pregnant stomach to announce the upcoming birth of her second child. 


Bright red has a reputation for representing passion and adventure, per Color Matters. Don't hesitate to rock the vibrant shade if you're looking to exude courage, energy, and strength, much like the Princess of Wales.