How To Incorporate Digital Lavender Into Your Summer Outfits

In 2022, the hot pink Barbiecore fashion trend emerged as a natural overcorrection of the previous two years, which most people had spent embracing minimalist loungewear and social isolation. Now that we've emerged from comfort's shackles, fashion appears to be course-correcting with a more muted color craze: digital lavender. Digital lavender — also known as Coloro code 134-67-16 — is a gentle, cool-toned pastel purple shade, and it's popping up everywhere this spring.

Psychologically, the color of lavender is associated with calmness, relaxation, serenity, and meditation. After the past few years, we're not sure if there's anyone who couldn't use a little more of those perks. If you tend to be a little afraid of color or just haven't been a fan of pastels in the past, consider giving digital lavender a try this summer. Its muted nature makes it an ideal transition into more adventurous experimentation, and inspiration runneth over this year.

Elevated business pastels

Thanks to indoor air conditioning, most workwear looks exactly the same regardless of the season. The digital lavender trend offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate a serene, summery feel into your summer office looks. Pairing a pastel pantsuit with white or black shoes and accessories keeps the look professional yet uplifting. 

Monochromatic tea party chic

If you're looking to skip the office and head straight to afternoon tea, this monochromatic digital lavender look has you covered. Combine a buttoned lavender top with a matching bag and a whimsical long or mid-length skirt, and you're all set. Make it pop with silver or metallic accessories. 

Breezy boho vibes

Boho essentials like linen pants and dresses don't have to be limited to earthy tones like brown, green, cream, and gold. All shades of lavender exist in nature and deserve to be celebrated within your summer wardrobe just as much as any other color. Try grabbing your next gauzy dress in digital lavender and watch the vibe completely change. 

Casual peekaboo

Feeling a little nervous about wearing lavender out in public? May we recommend taking baby steps? If you're used to limiting your wardrobe to neutrals, try layering a digital lavender polo, tee, or tank under a light-neutral jacket or button-up on a cool summer evening to see how you feel while wearing it out and about.

Ethereal organza

Ready to jump right in? Take full advantage of the ethereal, whimsical nature of digital lavender with a sheer, flowy organza gown or pantsuit. This look also works perfectly as a swimsuit coverup for your next summer beach or pool party. (But pair with a lavender or purple bathing suit, of course.)

Comfy, cozy, and pastel

Even in the warmest regions, summer nights can get surprisingly chilly. As you prepare your seasonal wardrobe, don't forget to add a couple of cozy essentials for night strolls and bonfires. A digital lavender sweatshirt provides some extra warmth without dulling the sweet, joyous mood of summer. 

Coordinated casual

Looking for that perfect level of casual that isn't too dressed up but still looks polished? Try layering a digital lavender blazer over your summer tanks for the perfect wow factor. Don't forget your matching heels and accessories — or go the complementary route with white or silver accents. Go forth and lavenderize!