The Heatless Curls Method You Won't Need Any Extra Products For

It's no surprise that overnight hair hacks stay trending on social media, with many people looking for ways to simplify their daily routine. Now, the days of waking up, pulling out a hot device, and spending up to an hour fixing your hair are behind us (fortunately). The beauty space has recently made way for many varieties of heatless hairstyles that are both beautiful and simple. "I woke up like this" takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to heatless hairstyles, particularly heatless curls and waves. 

Curling with leggings, wrapping your hair strands around robe ties — we thought we had seen it all, until now. What if we told you that you can curl your hair overnight, using only other pieces of your hair. There are no extra products required; just your regular ponytail ties. It's no wonder that TikTok creator @ravioli_nicoli went viral when showing her audience the big and bold curls created overnight by wrapping strands of hair around her braids.

How to get the look

Heatless curls are a big topic on TikTok. The latest and greatest hack from @ravioli_nicoli has garnered over half a million likes, with one user commenting, "Did you just curl your hair with.. your hair?"

To pull this off, create one small French braid on each side of the front of your head. After completing your braids, twist the remaining hair from each side around the corresponding braid. Secure with a ponytail holder. We recommend completing this with your hair damp, but the TikTok star states that she used a flat iron over the braids to help them hold their wavy shape before taking them down. Avoid this if you want a true heatless hack.

Sleep on the style overnight and when you go to complete your morning routine, simply untwist your hair from around the small braids. These strands of hair should be bouncy and voluminous, so much so that you may need to brush them out. What you do with the small braids is up to you! The creator of the hack combines the braids at the back of her hair for a half-up, half-down look, but leaving them down is an option as well. To end the hack on a high note, you can add mousse or hairspray to keep the look lasting throughout the day.

Why heatless curls are a great alternative

Not only do heatless curls save people time in their morning routines, but they also lead to healthier hair. Many people have made the switch to heatless hair alternatives recently after seeing the negative effects hot tools have had on their strands. According to Dyson, the damage done to hair by heat is irreversible because high temperatures actually transform your hair's keratin strands and reduce elasticity. This damage can ultimately cause your hair to feel dry, look dull, and become totally unmanageable. The main culprits are flat irons and curling wands, but you could also damage your hair through repeated use of a hairdryer without using a protective spray first.

Heatless curling methods are known to give your hair the same look in an easier, more time-considerate, and overall safer way. Whether you choose this "curling your hair with your hair" method, heatless bathrobe curls, or even legging curls, your strands will be sure to thank you.