Mirrored Nails Are The New Manicure Trend For When Chrome Isn't Shiny Enough

There are seemingly endless types of manicures you can try that feature different colors, shapes, and flair. However, if you happen to love anything and everything that's shiny, then you might have already fallen in love with the chrome trend. A look that can be chic and edgy or posh and sophisticated, you can enjoy it as-is or take it up a notch by giving mirrored nails a go.

Giving itself away in the name, a mirror manicure starts out like a chrome nail but keeps going until the surface is impressively reflective. Created with a powder product or bottled polish, you can always ask a professional to create the look for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to tackle DIY manicures, then nail artist Eri Ishizu, who's worked her fingertip-related magic on Lizzo, offered a few tips on how to perfect the shine, telling Allure that you'll want to apply whatever product you're using twice on each nail. This will leave you with the ideal intense reflective effect. On top of that, she added, "If you're using non-white topcoats on gel polish, only cure for about 30 seconds with UV light [for] 15 seconds."

Once you have the basic look down, then you can try out other versions. In fact, when you see what you can do with mirrored nails, you likely won't be able to resist.

Standard mirrored nails

Thanks to their highly reflective nature and sleek allure, there's no doubt that mirrored nails can stand on their own and don't need any additional accents. Whether you prefer to have square nails that are on the shorter side or like to have the sharpest stiletto nails possible, they'll look incredible with a standard mirror finish. The classic choice also relies on a black base covered with a silvery shine. This provides you with a relatively monotone surface that's able to pick up all the colors in the reflection.

Selective mirrored nails

If you just want to dip your toe — or rather, in this case, your fingers — into this eye-catching trend, then you should consider opting for selective mirrored nails. Simply create the reflective effect on two or three of your nails on each hand while leaving the others bare. You could also choose to apply a completely different finish to the remaining nails, such as an equally striking marble look or an artistic abstract design. You could even stick with silver but leave some nails matte alongside ones that shine.

Tipped mirrored nails

Tipped mirrored nails are another fabulous way to give this trend a try or mix it up a little if you've already attempted the standard version. Similar to a classic French manicure, this style will see you start with a clear or nude shade of polish on the majority of your nail. From there, you can cover the tips of each nail with the mirror effect. Give yourself more space to work with by working with nails that are medium-length or longer and whatever shape you adore.

Textured mirrored nails

When you put time and effort (as well as perhaps money) into a stunning mirrored manicure, you may want to keep it as pristine as possible. Or, if you're looking for something that puts an edgy spin on the usually smooth style, then you should definitely check out a textured version of this trend. Resulting in what appears like a shiny mirrored metal that's been dinged up, it also gives off the impression of a precious, natural stone. This is also an effect that's hard to mess up if you want to do it yourself.

Pink mirrored nails

Not all mirrors are simply silvery glass, and the same applies to mirrored nails. Instead, you can give your manicure a warm touch with the help of a pretty pink shade. With the same reflective sheen that gives this trend its distinctive look, you can choose a version that features a light blush that's rather subtle, a hot fuchsia that's unmissable, or anything in between. It will be like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. La vies en rose, as they say. Ooh la la!

Blue mirrored nails

If you're interested in the idea of mirrored nails that boast a bit of color but want to consider something other than pink, then perhaps a deep blue shade is more to your liking. The perfect hue to capture reflections, there's no doubt that this is both charming and cool in the chicest way. A fantastic option for someone who has shorter nails thanks to the fact that they're so dynamic, you can also pair them with an accent nail or two if you'd like an extra twist.

Black mirrored nails

Take a step over to the dark side — with your nails, that is. Again, starting off with a black base that then adds a mirrored layer over top, this shine has a dark reflection that might remind you of a black pearl or deep diamond. An everyday look for someone who happens to be fashionably bold, it would also be an ideal choice if you're aiming for a vibe that's modern and gothic, hip and robotic, or sleek and hypnotic. They would even suit a funky formal event or a magical and memorable nighttime wedding.