The Platinum French Manicure Is A Chrome Update To The Quintessential Nail Trend

Everyone knows that the French manicure is one of the most iconic and timeless nail designs in existence. For years, the French manicure has become the go-to for many who seek a design that will go with any season, outfit, or event. No matter what you have in mind, a good French manicure can deliver a sophisticated look that will last forever.

Considering the French manicure has been around for as long as it has, it's no wonder why it's been transformed so many times. Recently, newer nail trends have added a few quirks, colors, and textures to this elegant nail design. Some of these variations include patent leather French manicures, colored French tips, and double French manicures. The most recent French manicure trend is all about adding chrome platinum to your tips for a high-shine look. Platinum is no stranger to trends, as it's a popular hair color choice. However, this platinum French manicure is a step towards a more modern and futuristic take on this timeless nail design.

Liquid platinum French manicure

A platinum color will automatically remind everyone of a piece of steel. Channel some of this metalwork by creating a liquidized version of a French manicure. Liquid nails give the appearance of melted metal, giving your nails an edgier look. If you're wanting a major upgrade on your nails, adding some movement to your nail design will only create more of a statement.

3D platinum French nail

We've already seen how pearl and bow accents have become staples in beauty and fashion. These 3D elements have trickled down to our nails to create some unique and personalized designs. Simply add your favorite 3D accents onto the base of your nail to give your platinum French manicure more dimension and personality.

Colored platinum French nails

Regular French manicures are composed of a soft French tip with a nude base color. Sometimes the base will be in a pink to add a hint of color. Expand on this concept by giving your base some extra color; add a darker hue to your base to make your platinum French tips pop even more. Darker shades will also give you a moodier look without taking away from the timelessness or elegance of the French manicure.

Outlined platinum French manicure

Your French tips don't need to just apply to the tops of your nails; they can also be placed onto the bottom of your nail. Recently, we've seen reverse or inverted French manicures become more common in nail trends, giving you an exciting twist on the typical style. Join both new and old versions of the manicure by creating a thin platinum outline around your nail, connecting your French tips with the reverse French manicure.

Double platinum French manicure

Double French manicures give you the elegance and modernness of the French nail twice. Create a new twist on this trend by giving yourself a platinum French tip, followed by a single white French tip. Not only will this shadowing French tip emphasize your platinum tip, but it will give extra color to your nail. If you're in the mood for something edgier, add a black French tip instead of white, giving you some more edge.