Dyson's Latest Hair Tool Launch Is Bringing Us Back To The Early Aughts

From Barbiecore to Polly Pockets and other fashion trends making their way back around, the late '90s and early aughts are having their moment of nostalgia. If Barbiecore has your wardrobe covered and Polly Pocket nails are trending, then your hair is covered by Dyson's latest hair tool, which is bringing us all back to the turn of the millennium with its seemingly futuristic qualities. If you recall Y2K, you'll recognize the amazement the world was anticipating as the modern technological age really began ramping up, and now, it seems, the future we were waiting for is here. 

Dyson, a company that has always been on the cutting edge of hair tools, is now making heat styling even quicker and easier with its latest launch, the Dyson Airstrait. To understand how it works, the details are quite literally in the product's name. By utilizing heat and air, the latest product from Dyson is being promoted as having the capability to dry your hair instantly upon running the straightening tool through your strands, evening out any waves in your locks along the way.  

The Dyson Airstrait is a triple threat as it dries, straightens, and protects your hair, and its innovative design and the way it works quickly, easily, and without hassle is exactly what the early aughts were anticipating from the new era.

The tool works double duty ... even triple duty!

What makes the Dyson Airstrait even more amazing than the magic it can seemingly do by drying your hair while straightening it is that it does so while avoiding damaging your strands. The website explains that the highly anticipated new release from Dyson is capable of drying your hair, straightening it, and avoiding heat damage all at the same time. This makes the latest product launch from Dyson an all-around win for anyone looking to avoid heat damage that can ruin hair. 

The Airstrait is able to maintain and measure its own temperature and airflow (as much as 30 times per second) to maximize the simultaneous drying and straightening of your hair without the use of heat plates or heat damage (or a heated rush out the door, since you'll definitely find yourself with a few extra minutes to spare when you no longer have to blow dry your hair before you straighten it!). Should you opt for this new device being hyped for your hair, which retails at approximately $500 at the time of writing, you'll be able to choose three levels of temperatures which the Airstrait monitors itself, along with a Boost Mode if you only have a few minutes for an incredible transformation — it's truly fit for the modern millennium and beyond! 

The technology has been developing since the early aughts

The price tag on the Dyson Airstrait may lead to hesitation, and there's no denying that it's certainly a splurge. By going by Dyson's other innovations in the realm of hair tools, like the Dyson Airwrap (which has been a favorite on social media), the reputation for saving time and giving you locks that look like you're fresh from the salon is indisputable. 

The namesake founder of the global company and its Chief Engineer James Dyson revealed in a 2023 press release that he and the Dyson team have spent the previous 25 years looking into how to maximize the technology of air blades, rather than heating plates, to dry and straighten hair while minimizing the risk of burns from traditional hot straighteners. Given that it's currently 2023, the expertise and research that has gone into the Dyson Airstrait is straight from the turn of the century itself!

Racked reminds us that straighteners and versions of straightening irons, such as crimping interchangeable hot plates, were at the top of the trend charts and sported by icons from Lizzie McGuire to the legend that is Tyra Banks. Put a futuristic spin on those early aughts straightening irons and you've got the perfect blend of looking back with nostalgia and looking forward with the Dyson Airstrait.