How TikTok's 'Blend, Set, Bake' Hack Could Transform Your Under-Eye Concealer

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Step up your makeup game with only three simple steps for flawless concealer without fail. This viral TikTok hack, inspired by a trick shared by popular makeup artist Spencer on his TikTok account, revolutionizes the way you apply under-eye concealer using three simple steps: blend, set, and bake. Makeup experts and fledglings alike struggle with creasing along the under-eye area due to layering, fine lines, or cakiness. But this concealer hack works wonders to achieve a creaseless complexion that lasts all throughout the day and into the night.


You likely already have everything you need to try out this three-step routine, which requires your favorite concealer, a pressed powder, and a loose powder. Make sure you own both pressed and loose powder as they produce different results and cannot be used interchangeably. The easiest way to differentiate between the two types of face powder is to remember that pressed powder sets your makeup in place, similar to a setting spray, while loose powder creates a blurring effect on the skin to produce a flawless face filter look. Now that you've passed the crash course in makeup powder, it's time to put it to the test.

Blend and then blend some more

Before you pull out your powders, apply your concealer as you normally do by focusing on the inner creases of your under-eye area and in the outer corners. Some people like to use the inverted triangle method for greater coverage, which works just as well. The way you apply your concealer matters little in this three-step hack, as long as you apply concealer after foundation, but the way you blend your concealer does matter. If you don't fully blend in your concealer before moving on to the next step, you run the risk of deep creases and cakiness, which will affect the outcome of your look. So, take those extra minutes to ensure your concealer is fully absorbed before doing anything else.


Once blended, you'll be tempted to apply your setting powder right away, but a key part of this hack involves letting your concealer dry before applying any powder. Allow a few minutes in between steps so your makeup dries completely. For working gals and last-minute plans, this is when you should apply your bronzer and blush to make the most of your time because, girl, you have things to do.

Set your look

After your concealer dries, apply your pressed setting powder as per usual, and make sure you don't confuse your powders. If you're unsure which powder to use, you can't go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Flawless Setting Powder. The best way to apply a setting powder is with a powder brush for precise application. For the delicate under-eye area, find a makeup brush with a small brush head to get into the corners and creases without poking your eye out. A standard makeup puff, flat sponge, or beauty blender also does the job.


You only need a thin layer for this part as the goal is to mattify and keep your makeup in place to prepare for the baking powder. If you apply too much setting powder, however, your concealer will appear cakey, especially for those with dry skin as heavier layers of makeup cause flakiness due to the build-up of product around dry patches. To apply setting powder, gently press a light layer into the skin. Avoid sweeping the product under your eyes as that dislodges the concealer underneath and results in uneven coverage.

It's time to bake

Your baking powder will make or break this airbrush look. Specifically, the powder and technique you use to bake your concealer determine how flawless your makeup will appear once finished. And most loose powders are sheer, like Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder, so they will not provide any additional coverage, which is why you use baking powder as a last step.


Using a makeup tool of your choosing, apply a generous layer across your entire under-eye area from the side of your nose to just past the outer corner of your eye. If you use a beauty blender, make sure the sponge is still damp at this point in the routine to effectively transfer the product to your skin. 

Once applied, let the powder sit for several minutes as you complete the finishing touches to your eye makeup and brows. Allowing the loose powder to sit on the skin gives the powder time to "bake." In other words, this lets the powder combine with the natural warmth of your skin to further set the concealer while creating a poreless airbrush look that reduces creases, absorbs oil, and produces a matte finish. After letting the product "bake," use a brush to sweep away the excess product that remains — and voilà.