'Curve Bangs' Are The Dramatic Hair Trend That Takes Curtain Fringe To The Next Level

Curtain bangs have been super popular for years now, but this year we've seen a new twist to them: curve bangs. While curve bangs are very similar to curtain bangs in terms of the cut, they are styled slightly differently. If you already have curtain bangs, you can easily style them like curve bangs, and if you like how they look, your hairstylist can simply soften them a bit to enhance the shape even more.

Curve bangs are more arched and are cut to follow the natural curve of your forehead to create a more soft look. Apart from that, these bangs are also generally styled to curve inward (hence the name) instead of the classic flipped-back. While curtain bangs are more reminiscent of '70s hairstyles, curve bangs are a classic '90s haircut. Since they can be longer or slightly shorter, curve bangs work well with any face shape or hair length. If you're unsure whether curve bangs are the right choice for you, don't worry — we've gathered plenty of examples to showcase just how stunning, effortless, and versatile this hairstyle is.

Classic curve bangs

The traditional way to rock curve bangs is with straight, layered hair. The curve bangs should hit right above your jawline, and the ends should gently swoop inward. If you're styling them at home, all you need is a blow dryer and a round brush to ensure the ends of the bangs have that signature curve.

Middle part curve bangs

Just like curtain bangs, curve bangs also look best with a middle part because it allows both sides of the bangs to softly frame your face. Once you're done styling them, you can use some hairspray to help the curve stay, but don't go overboard — you still want your bangs to have plenty of bounce and movement.

Wispy curve bangs

While curve bangs can be thicker, they also work really well when cut in a wispy style. This is a particularly great choice for anyone who doesn't currently have bangs but wants to cut them. Since they are thin and wispy, a couple of pieces can also go straight across the face — especially if they are cut shorter.

Curve bangs + a shag

Curve bangs work well with any haircut, but they particularly suit those styles with lots of layers. An '80s shag with curve bangs is a great combo, as this haircut allows the bangs to blend into it seamlessly. A haircut like this is particularly great if you don't want to trim your bangs regularly — no matter how much it grows out, the bangs will work well with the shag.

Curve bangs + curly hair

Most of the time, we see curtain or curve bangs styles with either straight or slightly wavy hair. However, those with curly hair certainly don't need to miss out on this trend. Granted, the curve bangs will end up being curly — but the end effect of framing your face and enhancing its features is the same.

Curve bangs + a high ponytail

Curve bangs are also a great choice for anyone who loves to wear a sleek, high ponytail, as they add that face-framing effect. Of course, if you still want to be able to rock the sleek no-bangs look, make sure the curve bangs are cut long enough so that they can still be put up in a ponytail.

Super short curve bangs

If you prefer to leave your bangs down and don't want the hassle of constantly trimming them, opting for shorter curve bangs is a better choice. To style them, ensure you are curving the base toward your face and the ends gently away from your eyes to avoid any irritation.

E-girl curve bangs

Those who don't find that curve bangs dramatic enough can always turn them into a money piece. Not only is this a fun look for spring and summer, but it also allows you to play around with a different hair color without committing to dying all of your hair.

Kim Possible hair

Kim Possible is known for her vibrant hair color and luscious locks, which is why she is a great hair inspiration. While Kim's bangs are side swept, a curve bang perfectly suits the long red hair, too. And the best part about curve bangs is that if you want to sweep them to the side, you totally can!

Dainty face-framing pieces

There's no doubt that bangs require dedication, especially as they generally need to be styled daily. Because of this, a great way to explore bangs is to opt for delicate and dainty face-framing ones that will be in the spotlight when your hair is in a half updo. And if you end up liking the look, you can always get them cut a bit thicker.

Voluminous curve bangs + a lob

Curve bangs look incredible on a variety of different hair lengths and textures. If a bob or lob is more your style, you can totally rock curve bangs with it. The shorter face-framing pieces will give you lots of additional volume and plenty of bounce.

'90s blended curve bangs

Curve bangs thrived in the '90s thanks to actor Jennifer Aniston whose "The Rachel" haircut was probably one of the most popular hairstyles of the decade. To give the look a more modern spin, allow the curve bangs to fall softly on your forehead. With a look like this, you definitely want to embrace the messy layers.

Curved bangs on long straight hair

Super long hair can easily look flat and lifeless, especially if you have fine hair. One way to rock long hair but still have that volume and lift around your face is to opt for bangs, and you've guessed it: Curve bangs are a great option.

Farrah Fawcett hair

1970s star Farrah Fawcett was known for her luscious, bouncy, and feathered hair. The "Charlie's Angels" star was also known for her face-framing bangs, which she often wore as either curtain or curve bangs. To ensure your curve bangs have lots of volume after blowdrying them, put them in a large velcro roller and let them fully cool down.

Curled curve bangs

Even though curve bangs are known for their inward curve, you can also rock them curled. We recommend sticking to a method that will give you a soft wave that looks flirty and youthful. Curled curve bangs look particularly cute when combined with an updo or a half-updo.

Pixie with curve bangs

When we said that curve bangs work with any haircut, we weren't joking — they look incredible even with super short hair. If you're someone who loves the convenience of a pixie haircut but you also like to have some length to play with around your face, ask your hairdresser for a soft pixie with blended curve bangs.

Curve bangs with an updo

Speaking of convenience, if you're someone who frequently puts their hair up, opting for curve bangs can add some much-needed dimension to your look. Besides, styling a couple of face-framing pieces of hair is so much easier than having to style all of your hair — and curve bangs will make any updo that much more interesting.

French girl curve bangs

French beauty and fashion trends are known for their timeless elegance, and the fact that French girls adore curve bangs speaks volumes about this chic hairstyle. To add a touch of Parisian flair to your look, consider shorter curve bangs that part slightly in the middle.