The Zodiac Signs That Promise Chaos In A Relationship

Ah, chaos. It's wild. It's stressful. It's frustrating. Most chaotic friendships and relationships aren't healthy, and you should try to avoid them. Sometimes, chaotic dynamics can seem exciting, as these unpredictable rollercoaster-type interactions can seem spontaneous and thrilling — at first. Ultimately, you should avoid these relationships; They typically end up causing unpleasant feelings despite the initial excitement. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to identify a chaotic relationship, as many TV shows and movies glorify these toxic dynamics. (Yes, we're looking at you, Hardin and Tessa from "After" and Damon and Elena from "The Vampire Diaries.") So what are some indications that your relationship is getting chaotic?


First, you should always keep your eyes open for red flags in a new relationship. Moreover, some zodiac signs tend to cause more chaos than others. Of course, you shouldn't discriminate; Don't avoid giving a potential suitor a chance just because of their zodiac sign. However, it's worth knowing which zodiac signs are more prone to chaos — just to keep in the back of your head in case you befriend or date one of these signs and think you might be picking up on some chaotic behavior.

Aries craves chaos

If any sign somehow enjoys chaos, it's Aries. With birthdays between March 21 and April 19, Aries are known for their wild and impulsive behavior, making them one of the signs most likely to cause chaos at any time or place. "[Aries] don't really hone in on the failure of how something could go — like, they will take the risk if they want to take the risk ... Sometimes they can get caught in their own reality bubble and don't necessarily recognize where someone else could be coming from," Monisha Holmes, MSW, an astrologer-social worker, tells Well + Good. That tendency to take dangerous risks and lack of empathy toward other people's feelings and concerns is a recipe for chaos.


Most people who know anything about astrology are aware that Aries is one of the zodiac signs most likely to be reckless. If you don't mind some wild-child behavior, that daring attitude shouldn't cause issues in your relationship with someone belonging to the Aries sign. However, if you're the type who prefers to play it safe and gets nervous around dangerous actions, your relationship with an Aries will likely get chaotic, as the Aries may not understand — or bother to try to understand — your worries about their risky antics.

Expect moodiness from a Gemini

Born between May 21 and June 21, Geminis have an infamous reputation. It's hard not to feel bad for people belonging to this sign, considering all the negative stereotypes surrounding them. While not all Geminis fit those accusations, it's worth knowing if the person you're in a relationship with is a Gemini, as some Geminis can be ultra-moody in relationships. One Quora user writes, "I have dated a couple of Geminis and also the Geminis that are just my friends have the same trait... a very two-faced nature... When they're good... They are caring, loving, sweet, respectful... But when they're bad... they can become very, very mean and cruel and disrespectful... they can go from caring to not caring in a split second." If that's not chaotic, we don't know what is.


Think of it this way: If you're patient enough not to be scared off by extreme moodiness, you might not consider a Gemini's behavior "chaotic." You might just find it frustrating at times, but you'll know when to step back and not let the antics get in your head. However, if intense highs and lows make you uncomfortable, a romantic relationship or a friendship with a Gemini might create too much chaos.

Leos may do anything for attention

With birthdays between July 23 and August 22, Leos love attention. In some relationships, a Leo may even appreciate the attention someone gives them more than the actual person. "With the Sun being the ruler of Leo, this sign thrives when they are being admired ... Leo needs to feel special in order to be fully satisfied in a relationship," Amy Tripp, an astrologer, tells Bustle. That desire for attention and admiration can get tiring; If a Leo believes you aren't giving them enough attention, they'll likely get upset and maybe even throw a fit.


Moreover, most Leos love to party. If you enjoy the party scene and never say no to a night out, you should see that party-loving attitude as a perk, but if there's any part of you that doesn't want to party, you might find Leo's ultra-extraverted antics to be too much — and chaotic. A Leo is typically the type of person who wants to keep partying all night, even when everyone else is ready to stop, so keep that in mind if a Leo invites you to go out.

Famously fearless Scorpio

As one of the zodiac signs most willing to brave any challenge, Scorpios are as fearless as they are intense; Both traits lead to inevitable chaos. "From skydiving to swimming with sharks, these signs are not afraid of anything," Tara Bennet, an astrologer and spiritual coach, tells Best Life. Therefore, if you don't have a thrill-seeking side, a Scorpio might try to push you out of your comfort zone further than your patience will allow.


In addition to being dangerously fearless, Scorpios have some toxic tendencies. Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios can become controlling in relationships. When you call a Scorpio out for toxic behavior, they'll likely refuse to back down in the argument and might even try to flip the situation on you and try to make you apologize for calling out their actions. These arguments almost always escalate, bringing more chaos than many people want to handle. Thus, a couple of the reasons Scorpio is one of the most powerful zodiac signs are their fearlessness and manipulative behavior — and typically, with power comes chaos.

Spontaneous and impulsive Sagittarius

Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarius is all about embracing life and going wherever it takes them without putting too much thought into it. People of this sign typically love partying, trying new experiences, and going to new places on impulse. Do you think you can keep up with the spontaneous Sagittarius outlook on life? That impulsive attitude might pop up often in a relationship with a Sagittarius. "When someone special catches a Sagittarius' eye, they're often quick to jump into action ... They fearlessly accept the fact that it's better to face rejection or disappointment than to wonder 'What if,'" MaKayla McRae, an astrologer, tells Bustle.


A relationship with a Sagittarius might be overwhelming and start moving faster than you're comfortable with, which can feel chaotic. For instance, your Sagittarius partner might spontaneously decide they want you to come with them on a weekend getaway to a destination you've never even heard of before and not understand why you aren't sure about the idea. Or a Sagittarius might love-bomb you if you have their interest, suddenly trying to speed the relationship up significantly faster.

Rebellious Aquarius can be cantankerous

When someone is as rebellious as an Aquarius, chaotic moments and scenarios are typically inevitable. "Aquarius is not beyond opposing you merely for the sake of opposing you ... This air sign is constantly thinking, planning, plotting, and waiting for the right moment to strike," Emily Newman, a psychic reader and spiritual healer, tells Best Life. People belonging to the Aquarius sign tend to do the opposite of avoiding conflict. If you're dating an Aquarius, expect them to start arguments — not to be mean — just to debate because they consider back-and-forth disagreement-based conversation "fun."


With birthdays between January 20 and February 18, people belonging to this air sign think of themselves as weirdos, so expect some odd behavior from them. If you bring your Aquarius partner to a party, don't be surprised if they bring up a controversial topic and support whatever unpopular or "weird" opinion relates to the topic at hand. When you whisper something like, "Honey, please stop trying to cause controversy at this event," they'll likely just dial up the antics, potentially creating a chaotic scene.