The Trait Of Yours That People Admire Most Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Whether it's your best friend's vivacious laugh, your aunt's sense of humor, or your father's kind heart, when we think about the people in our lives, it's easy to conclude that there's a magnitude of reasons why we're drawn to them. But quite often, there's typically one standout trait in each person we know that we seem to admire most. It could possibly be due to the fact that other people's positive attributes highlight what we'd like to see more of in ourselves, or maybe it has to do with us craving some form of motivation to better our lives.


Whatever the reason for admiration may be, you may find yourself wondering exactly what it is about you that people look up to. While sometimes we wish we were more of one thing and less of something else, those traits in you could be exactly what others — who maybe aren't as adept in those areas — think are simply incredible. Luckily, when we turn to the zodiac, it can reveal things about us that we may have never even realized about ourselves.

"Each zodiac sign has many admirable attributes — more amazing qualities than not," astrologer Lisa Stardust shared with Bustle. But, of course, there will naturally be one trait in each sign that the other signs only wish they could have.

The amusing Capricorn

We have to admit that Capricorn is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac — they often get labeled as "too serious, "stiff," or even prudes. Upon meeting one, they can often come off as a little standoffish — though polite — and as people who would rather not be seen or make conversation. Basically, Capricorn is far too often thought of as the last person we'd invite to a party, most likely for the guests to be spared from needing to hit the snooze button during mid-conversation with them. 


But in reality, this is all because being openly vulnerable and letting people in is not on a Capricorn's to-do list. However, after you spend time with and get to know a Capricorn, you will find yourself continually impressed at the way they can make you laugh. Capricorn humor seemingly comes out of the blue and is totally random and unexpected. It's not quite as dark as a Scorpio's sarcasm or as upbeat and quirky as an Aquarius, but it is certainly in a league of its own.

When audiences first caught a glimpse of Capricorn Diane Keaton in "Annie Hall" circa 1977, her fashionable-yet-unpretentious nature left viewers wanting more and more laughter from her silly, golly-gee, midwestern attitude — much like that of Mary Tyler Moore, who was also a Capricorn. Ultimately, it might just be the sense of surprise that comes with discovering a Capricorn's humor that people are truly drawn to.


The offbeat Aquarius

Standing apart from the crowd requires some serious effort from a lot of folks. As often as we're told that being our own person and marching to the beat of our own drum is essential, we often find ourselves just playing along with the norm subconsciously. But for an Aquarius, this doesn't even come close to being an option.


Aquarius loves to be the number one follower of its own made-up set of rules and, in fact, quite enjoys others thinking of it as the different one. The truth is, even if Aquarians do get laughed at by the in-crowd every now and then, people will always notice their originality and authenticity. If you run a quick Google search on famous Aquarians, a massive list of some of the most well-loved celebrities comes up.

Esteemed stars like The Weeknd, Harry Styles, Alicia Keys, and Chris Rock are all well-known Aquarians, but what is it that these air signs all have in common? It's simply the fact that some of the most famous people are so prominent because they were never afraid to walk a bit off the beaten path. They are the ones who embrace their own individuality, and naturally, people are just drawn to that.


The empathetic Pisces

Sure, we all have a sense of kindness and caring within each and every one of us — it's part of human nature. But for Pisces, care takes on a whole new level. In regard to this dreamy water sign, they actually tend to take on others' emotions as their own, and sometimes you'll catch them looking after us more than we look after our own selves.


For them, this can be a very troubling trait because it requires experiencing so many waves of emotions, but for others, watching a Pisces give their all to understand what someone else is going through is a beautiful thing. "Water signs are strongly suited in their intuitive, perceptive skills," astrologer MaKayla McRae tells Bustle. "While everyone experiences empathy, Pisces is especially known for its desire to extend help to others. This allows them to help others put their tough armor down and be vulnerable."

For instance, if you're experiencing relationship trouble and you seek out advice from your Pisces pal, chances are that they are going to become heavily invested and naturally find themselves attuned with how your partner might be feeling or why they're acting a certain way — something most people are going to find quite admirable.


The fearless Aries

Do you ever wish you could just hop out of bed in the morning, determined and passionate as ever, not caring who or what got in your way of completing your goals? Totally willing to tune into its aggressive and competitive side, this is the life of Aries at its finest. Being number one isn't an option — it's the option for Aries as this fire sign navigates ways to expend its determined, high energy.


Though they may become easily distracted due to their intense nature and don't always get things done, they are often the ones who will initiate positive change while other signs carry out the task to complete the change. To sum things up, Aries is basically fearless. "The sun is exalted in Aries, meaning these people are blessed with certain qualities necessary to be leaders and innovators," astrologer Emma Toynbee explains to Well + Good.

"They represent all that is newly born, are movers and shakers, lead-role actors, agents of change, individual and unique, pioneers, inventors, innovators, strong competitors, and fierce warriors." Because Aries possesses so many of these brave traits, its overall sense of fearlessness and ability to take the world head-on will be admired by people from all walks of life.


The sensible Taurus

Who doesn't wish they were more sensible from time to time? As much fun as living on the edge can be, when we see someone who just seems to have all their ducks in a row, we can't help but feel a bit of envy. Those born under the Taurus sun sign embody all things stable; they calculate their moves strategically in order to achieve the most realistic, logical outcome in almost every scenario.


Although this can often make them appear too "set in their ways," most people actually value having this type of level-headedness in their lives. Not only do people admire Taurus' sensibility on a personal level, but they also take notice of it in the workplace. Taurus lives by the saying "work hard, play hard," and it's quite easy for others to catch on to exactly how Taurus reaps the benefits of what it sows.

Oftentimes, Capricorn is thought of as the workhorse of the zodiac, but Taurus, in fact, is right up there with Capricorn in its work ethic. This likely is due to the fact that Taurus enjoys a comfortable, stable life and loves dabbling in the finer things as a result of their hard work — whether that means the better cut of meat at the market or a lengthy self-care spa night at the end of a long day.


The forthcoming Gemini

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and somehow failed to think up a good response until hours later, when it's far too late? For Gemini, this is never something to worry about. Gemini is capable of molding conversation and words in a way similar to an artist working clay with their hands, smoothing and sculpting nothing into something.


"They know how to say what they need to say, and they mean what they say," astrologer Colin Bedell tells Well + Good. "They may change their mind afterward, but they're very clear communicators. I find they have a really great sense of humor, and they don't take themselves too seriously." Because of Gemini's fantastic interpersonal skills, it's extremely easy for this air sign to make friends through communication — a feat many of us struggle with.

Furthermore, it can help them excel at work, motivate their co-workers, and become great leaders. Others genuinely admire Gemini's use of words to propel itself in life, and sometimes they don't even realize why they are so drawn to it because of Gemini individuals' seamless adaptability to everyone they're speaking to.


The caring Cancer

Stressed over work? Relationship troubles? Get your Cancer friend involved, and they're going to go above and beyond to help you feel back to your old self in no time. Cancer is the one that cares when no one else does, and their deep sense of intuition can pinpoint when something is off even before you say anything at all. Their spirit seems to hand you a warm cup of hot cocoa and wrap you up in a heated blanket — an undeniable "mom" energy that many of us often need in our adult lives.


"Cancer is sensitive and intuitive," astrologer and intuitive healer Rachel Lang shares with Well + Good. "They often are in tune with others' feelings and vibes. Because of this, they tend to be the ones who take care of others, nurture relationships, and feel deeply committed to their family and friends; once a Cancer loves, they don't easily let go." Naturally, people take notice of Cancer's loving ways, and they find it something to admire. In a world full of negativity and hate, Cancerians give us a beacon of light in the dark times.

The go-getter Leo

Leos often tend to get typecast as the "egocentric narcissist" of the zodiac, but aside from their (quite admirable, actually) confidence, they are willing to stop at nothing to get what they want — and that includes what they want for others, too.


Using their gifts to light up others is what the Leo sign is all about, be it writing you an endearing poem, whipping you up a gooey batch of brownies, or delivering you a life-changing political speech the way Leo Barack Obama did for many. When a Leo sets their mind to something, watch out! Leo is the true go-getter of the zodiac, and they tend to prefer to pave their own paths.

Moreover, when a Leo is good at something, you'll certainly know about it — there's no shying away behind the scenes for this ferocious fire sign. Because Leo is so bold in their determination and creative self-expression, other people quickly observe this and are easily willing to follow when Leo is leading.

The organized Virgo

In the office, your co-worker peers over her scattered documents, haphazardly spread out pens lying all over the place, and the spilled coffee stain ingrained into the wood of her desk to see you neatly placing detailed spreadsheets into folders as you select color-coordinating paper clips organized by size in labeled cups. She admires your sense of organization and wishes it was her who had a natural affinity towards keeping things orderly, but sadly, that's just not who she is.


For you — a Virgo — however, filing, organizing, and placing emphasis on every tiny detail is simply second nature for you. It's no secret that Virgos are one of the most neat and organized of the zodiac and have a true knack for detail. Their analytical, logical minds don't allow for anything less than ideal perfection, and this is showcased through their work, creativity, and ability to strategically plan events, functions, and trips.

Along with this innate ability to become the "glue" of almost everything, Virgos are also extremely dependable and reliable when it comes to following through. So, next time you want something done, and you want it done right, call up a Virgo — you'll be nothing less than impressed with their organized craftsmanship.


The aesthetic Libra

Whether it's carefully arranging petunias amongst baby's breath in an antique vase, moving the scene around a tad for the ideal photo, or making sure their freshly curled hair falls in a perfect cascade, never underestimate a Libra's keen eye for all things beautiful. Without a doubt, if you were born under the Libra sun sign, those around you turn to you anytime they're in need of making sure something is aesthetically pleasing.


This trait is precisely what makes Libras brilliant photographers, gifted artists and architects, and fabulous design experts. "Libras are drawn to all things aesthetic," author Syd Robinson explains to Today. "They always have the cutest outfits, home decor, and feel happiest when they're surrounded by what they personally regard as beautiful."

In particular, signs that are a bit less naturally artistic than the others will tend to have a very strong admiration for Libra's sense of creativity since this is an area they lack in without the help of other signs at play in their chart.

The brave Scorpio

Scorpio, which is represented by the scorpion, is a lot like its animal namesake. Scorpions are complex creatures that are constantly on the lookout for predators as they focus on survival. Though they tend to keep to themselves and are very self-protective, they will not hesitate to strike if they feel threatened.


Just like a Scorpio person, a scorpion knows just how to handle all situations with a sharp and aggressive rage if their survival is compromised. Furthermore, Scorpios possess the power of adaptability the same way the scorpion does. Though their intense ways may come off as scary or intimidating, it's Scorpio's bravery that actually draws people in the most.

In times when others are afraid or full of fear, Scorpio will step in and pull from their instinctive survival mechanisms to keep themselves and everyone around them safe. They have no fear of the dark, mysterious, and strange aspects of life that many turn away from, so it's this that others will seek out and admire in a Scorpio.

The open-minded Sagittarius

At their worst, Sagittarians have no filter, can't ever seem to commit, and can throw responsibilities to the side in exchange for a fun and exciting new adventure. However, at their best, Sagittarius is the free-minded, modern-day philosopher that none of us knew we needed in our lives until we met one. This is because they are interested in basically, well, everything, and they deep dive into new subject matters and learn whenever they get the chance.


They seek to understand life's deeper meanings as they attempt to acquire all new knowledge through traveling and fulfilling their sense of wanderlust. For most of us, sticking to day-to-day responsibilities isn't a choice — but rather a requirement — so when we see Sagittarius tossing aside a day of much-needed house cleaning to go jet-skiing, we tend to admire their ability to disregard things that aren't so much fun and instead focus on getting out and truly living life.

Because of Sagittarius' unwavering hunger to keep their mind open, learn more, and make the most out of life, in their eyes, that day of dusting and mopping can wait. Sagittarius, for you, people undoubtedly look up to the way you keep your mind open at all times.